Researchers devise approach to reduce biases in computer vision data sets

2020-02-13 14:31:54

Cybersecurity regulations for air transport may prove ineffective

2020-02-13 14:30:21

Linux is ready for the end of time

2020-02-13 14:23:19

On 03:14:08 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, aka Coordinated Universal Time) January 19, 2038 (that's a Tuesday), the world ends. Well, not in the biblical Book of Revelations sense. But, what will happen is the value for time in 32-bit based Unix-based operating systems, like Linux and older versions of macOS, runs out of numbers and starts counting time with negative numbers. That's not good. We can expect 32-bit computers running these operating systems to have fits. Fortunately, Linux's developers already had a fix ready to go. The problem starts with how Unix tells time. Unix, and its relations -- Linux, macOS, and other POSIX-compatible operating systems -- date the beginning of time from the Epoch: 00:00:00 GMT on January 1, 1970. The Unix family measures time by the number of seconds since the Epoch. So far, so good. But, since Unix and family started out as 32-bit operating systems, time's value is kept as a single signed 32-bit integer number. Those are a lot of seconds, but just like the last century's Y2K bug, it's not enough. read more

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform becomes available on IBM systems

2020-02-13 14:19:19

IBM and Red Hat have revealed the latest fruit of their tie-up with the announcement of general availability of Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Z and LinuxONE systems. Red Hat is already a leader in hybrid cloud and enterprise Kubernetes, with more than 1,000 customers already using the OpenShift platform to manage containers. With the availability of OpenShift for IBM Z and LinuxONE, the agile cloud-native world of containers and Kubernetes is able to benefit from the security features, scalability and reliability of IBM's enterprise servers. OpenShift on Z and LinuxONE gives developers the flexibility to build once, and run anywhere,… [Continue Reading]

New Patches: AMD Live Migration Support For VMs With Secure Encrypted Virtualization

2020-02-13 14:13:39

Beyond the Linux kernel patches presented earlier this week for AMD SEV-ES "Encrypted State" support, another Linux patch series out overnight provides another improvement to Secure Encrypted Virtualization with AMD EPYC server processors...

'One more episode, please?' Why we can't stop binge-watching on Netflix

2020-02-13 14:09:50

The increasing popularity of global media content like American TV series has been considered as one notable factor associated with binge-watching practices, or continuously consuming media content in a single session.

dont_forget_me is an upcoming cyberpunk adventure game about exploring memories that looks promising

2020-02-13 14:06:43

Tags: Upcoming, Adventure, Demo,, Pixel Graphics, CyberpunkExpect megacorporations, lots of neon, noir, jazz and synths and more in this adventure. A short prototype demo is available so you can get a little taste of uncovering memories. Watch video on As you might expect from the trailer, this is a dystopian setting—one where people have chips implanted in them to record their memories. dont_forget_me has players control Fran, the assistant in an underground clinic that specializes in copying memories. There’s some sort of conspiracy afoot and the short demo depicts how Fran gets caught up in government plans for complete control of society. I'm complete sucker for good cyberpunk and I found the demo to be intriguing enough. It’s more of an introduction to the world and the actual gameplay is mostly limited to typing in related words to discover nodes of memories in a patient’s mind. The pixel art feels appropriate and the jazz and synthwave-infused soundtrack also sounds rather good. The only real sticking point has been a less-than-perfect English translation which I hope can be sorted out before the game is released. If you’d like to check out dont_forget_me for yourself, you can download the prototype demo on The full game is set to be released sometime in 2020.Article from

High-tech shortages loom as coronavirus shutdowns hit manufacturers

2020-02-13 13:49:44

There are now more than 45,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus dubbed COVID-19 by the World Health Organization, and the disease has caused at least 1,115 deaths. The impact of the virus is now reaching way beyond public health: China is at the heart of global manufacturing, and as supply chains suffer, panic is beginning to set in.

Researchers identify security vulnerabilities in voting app

2020-02-13 13:48:39

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in using internet and mobile technology to increase access to the voting process. At the same time, computer security experts caution that paper ballots are the only secure means of voting.

Human-centered design for future mobility

2020-02-13 13:46:38

Evolution of the way we move rapidly increased during the industrial revolution when the automobile replaced horse-drawn carriages. In the early 1900s, linear production lines—largely attributed to the Ford Motor Company—made personal transportation more affordable. With this came many challenges, some of which are still being resolved today, such as safety, speed, efficiency and power.

Facial recognition technology: In our rush to deploy it, are we ignoring the risks?

2020-02-13 13:46:06

Taylor Swift uses it to identify stalkers. Retail stores are using it to provide a no-checkout, cashierless experience. Even churches are getting in on it to keep track of their congregants.

Microsoft's GitHub: Our new 'gh' command-line interface makes you more productive

2020-02-13 13:45:58

GitHub offers developers an official command-line interface for managing code changes.

Microsoft: Yeah, dual screens are pretty rad, but check out our purple calendar

2020-02-13 13:45:07

GPU shenanigans and Linux love also headline a Fast Ring build with… wait for it… new stuff Microsoft finally flinched last night and acquiesced to the demands of Fast Ring Windows Insiders with a fresh Windows 10 build that at long last contained some new toys.…

Belated GTK 3.98 Puts GTK 4.0 One Step Closer

2020-02-13 13:35:39

The release of the long sought after GTK 4.0 is one step closer to finally becoming reality with the slightly delayed GTK 3.98 now being available for testing...

10 things I wish I'd known before becoming a Linux sysadmin

2020-02-13 13:35:01

Linux system administrators deal with a lot of interesting issues during a career. But what do you wish you knew before you became one?

LUNA The Shadow Dust looks seriously beautiful and this point & click puzzler is out now

2020-02-13 13:12:46

Tags: Steam, Puzzle, Adventure, Humble Store, Point & Click, GOG, New ReleaseLUNA The Shadow Dust from Lantern Studio and Application Systems Heidelberg has released today and certainly seems like a worthy point and click adventure to add to your collection. Inspired by classic adventure games, LUNA The Shadow Dust was funded on Kickstarter (like many others) by the small Chinese team from Lantern Studio with this being their first game together. A tale of two playable companions drawn together in a hand-animated puzzle adventure. Watch video on Features: Traditional frame by frame character animation - 12 frames per second, 3 layers per frame. Over 250 animations and 20 minutes of cinematics. A nostalgic and time-consuming process - but really worth the challenge for a small indie team of four. Single player mode with dual character control - Solve puzzles from different perspectives. Discover a story of true courage with two playable characters drawn together through an inseparable bond. Think outside of the box - Spark your imagination and solve a wide variety of puzzles, presented in gorgeous hand-drawn environments. Puzzles work standalone, requiring no 'hidden items' or player backtracking. LESS reading, MORE cinematics - We replaced a dialogue system with a series of beautifully hand-animated cinematics telling a mysterious story. Engaging Original Soundtrack - Our composer created an original soundtrack, designed to immerse the player in the emotional highs and lows of the story, kindling goose-bumps along the journey. At least on NVIDIA, there are some graphical distortions. It's a bug in Unity that was solved some time ago and workarounds thankfully exist (so presumably they're using an older Unity build). If you see graphical issues too you can try adding this as a launch option: -force-glcore42 -force-clamped I find doing that easiest, but there's also an environment variable you can use that's now in the NVIDIA Linux driver. Apart from that quick fix needed, no other problems encountered. I can tell you from my own time with it, that at least visually it's absolutely gorgeous—totally mesmerising atmosphere with the wonderful music too. They definitely weren't kidding about the animation, it's fantastic. I really rarely get absorbed by a game but I did here right from the start. We should have a more thorough thoughts post from our contributor, flesk, up within a few days once they've managed to finish it so keep an eye out if you're on the fence about it. You can buy LUNA The Shadow Dust from Humble Store, GOG and Steam.Article from

A new Ubuntu Linux LTS is now available

2020-02-13 12:52:42

There are two types of Ubuntu users -- brave ones willing to use bleeding edge variants of the Linux-based operating system, and weak ones that stick with the Long Term Support versions. Of course I am just kidding; there is absolutely nothing wrong with using LTS variants of Ubuntu. In fact, it is actually quite wise -- especially for business users -- since it focuses on stability and compatibility. Even home users should probably stick with LTS, as long support can be preferable to having the new "shiny" version. Personally, I like to go with whatever is the newest --… [Continue Reading]

A tournament for the lightweight free FPS 'Warfork' is happening Sat 15 February

2020-02-13 12:38:55

Tags: FPS, Community, Game EventThe Keep, a FPS gaming community will be celebrating a new event this Saturday for the frenetic and interesting FPS Warfork. The specific details for the tournament are the following, according to the formal announcement: Warfork Duel Cup #02 Date: Saturday 15 Feb 2020 Time: (TENTATIVE) 0900 US West // 1200 US East // 1800 Cent Europe Double Elimination Duel Tournament BO3 / BO5 Finals If you’re interested to join them, don’t forget to formally confirm your attendance through the following link, where you’ll also find some general rules and other information, like the maps where the action will take place. This isn’t the first time this community hosted a tournament, as you can see in this previous announcement, and hopefully they continue doing them so that there are incentives to keep pushing the progress on the game – remember that, although perfectly playable, it’s still in Early Access. For those of you who don’t know it, Warfork is a forked version of the FPS Warsow, and you can find more information about it on this previous GOL article. Still, if you have more questions, the organizers provided a Discord channel so that you can ask them directly. And finally, in case you decide to join the tournament, it would be nice if you let us know on the comments; these types of events are excellent to represent the Linux gaming community, and may allow for other people to know that we’re here and potentially join us one day... Find Warfork free on Steam.Article from

How to Install Askbot on CentOS 7

2020-02-13 12:20:41

In this tutorial, we will explain how to install and configure Askbot on a CentOS 7 VPS with Nginx. Askbot is an open-source question and answers forum system written in Django and Python. It is simple, easy-to-use, and very similar to StackOverflow. It is a powerful and highly-customizable software that allows you to create your own question and answer forum on the internet. Many companies, such as Fedora, OpenStack, and LibreOffice use Askbot for their Q&A sections.

'Sensorized' skin helps soft robots find their bearings

2020-02-13 12:18:10

For the first time, MIT researchers have enabled a soft robotic arm to understand its configuration in 3-D space, by leveraging only motion and position data from its own "sensorized" skin.

Making the internet more energy efficient through systemic optimization

2020-02-13 12:14:33

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, recently completed a five-year research project to make fiber optic communications systems more energy efficient. Among their proposals are smart, error-correcting data chip circuits that consume 10 times less energy. The project has yielded several scientific articles in publications including Nature Communications.

Daniel Stenberg: curl is 8000 days old

2020-02-13 12:09:05

Another pointless number that happens to be round and look nice so I feel a need to highlight it. When curl was born WiFi didn’t exist yet. Smartphones and tablets weren’t invented. Other things that didn’t exist include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Firefox, Chrome, Spotify, Google search, Wikipedia, Windows 98 or emojis. curl was born in a different time, but also in the beginning of the explosion of the web and Internet Protocols. Just before the big growth wave. In 1996 when I started working on the precursor to curl, there were around 250,000 web sites (sources vary slightly).. In 1998 when curl shipped, the number of sites were already around 2,400,000. Ten times larger amount in just those two years. In early 2020, the amount of web sites are around 1,700,000,000 to 2,000,000,000 (depending on who provides the stats). The number of web sites has thus grown at least 70,000% over curl’s 8000 days of life and perhaps as much as 8000 times the amount as when I first working with HTTP clients. read more

6 Less Popular Enterprise Linux Distributions

2020-02-13 12:06:49

There are some special Linux distributions that we call Enterprise Distributions; Those are the distributions that are commercially supported to possibly fit a specific or multiple enterprise goals in the market. For example, large telecommunications companies like AT&T or even your local ISP most likely can’t develop all their software solutions by their selves, and above that, they need support in order to set up their infrastructure. That’s where those enterprise Linux distributions come to the picture. They provide a specific set of software for those companies (Small, medium & large ones) with the support they need to get the job done. In most of the times you can get the distribution itself for free, but for support, you have to pay $$$. We won’t talk about the famous enterprise Linux distributions such as Red Hat, SUSE or Oracle Linux, because most of you already know about them. Instead, in today’s article, we’ll introduce 6 less popular enterprise Linux distributions for you. read more

An appeal to common decency

2020-02-13 12:04:19

As you know, the vast majority of Linux distros and open-source software projects are run by enthusiasts, who are keeping the dynamics alive and giving back to this wonderful community. EndeavourOS is no exception in this. Since the launch of our net-installer, our community is steadily growing with enthusiastic Linux lovers all over the world and we are very grateful to welcome you all. The number of community members that are involved with the general development of the project is also growing and thanks to them, development is taking a stride in progress. Recently, we came across with a couple of community members that had great ideas for the project but already started their initiative without consulting us. They just notified us about the existence of the project without giving us a chance to get acquainted with the project or the person behind it. I know, what you might think, legally we have no ground to stand on, we had to put our affairs in order before we began and the intentions are coming from a good place. I want to make clear that we don’t doubt the intentions, it is the way of handling that we have a problem with. EndeavourOS is a modest project with an equal amount of resources. Soon our yearly bill will arrive for the infrastructure and the donations we gratefully received won’t cover that one. Rest assured, we did calculate this in our future plan, so EndeavourOS won’t turn black in the near future. Having explained that, you must understand that there aren’t any financial resources to protect the brand legally and claim every international domain name in the world. If you have an idea that might improve EndeavourOS, whether if it is a social media presence, a translated website or anything. We kindly ask you to use common decency to talk with us before you act. read more

Google to Samsung: Stop messing with Linux kernel code. It's hurting Android security

2020-02-13 12:02:13

Google Project Zero scolds Samsung and other vendors for adding features that undermine Android security.

Reports From Devconf and MiniDebCamp

2020-02-13 11:57:00

Kevin Fenzi: 2020 This year again I had the honor of being able to attend Many thanks to Red Hat (My employer) for sending me to the conference (it also allowed me to attend some work meetings after the conference). The trip out to Brno was much as it has been for me in the past, except this time it was even longer since the Portland to Amsterdam flight I used to take is no longer offered, so I had to go from Portland to Seattle and then Amsterdam. Due to various scheduling issues I also went to Vienna this time instead of Prague. No particular problems on the trip, just a long haul. The train in Vienna was nice and clean and fast and comfortable. DevConf CZ 2020: play by play This is my third time attending DevConf CZ. I attended on behalf of RIT LibreCorps for professional development, before a week of work-related travel. DevConf CZ is also a great opportunity to meet friends and colleagues from across time zones. This year, I arrived hoping to better understand the future of Red Hat’s technology, see how others are approaching complex problems in emerging technology and open source, and of course, to have yummy candy. Bits from MiniDebCamp Brussels and FOSDEM 2020 I traveled to Brussels from January 28th to February 6th to join MiniDebCamp and FOSDEM 2020. It was my second trip to Brussels because I was there in 2019 to join Video Team Sprint and FOSDEM MiniDebCamp took place at Hackerspace Brussels (HSBXL) for 3 days (January 29-31). My initial idea was travel on 27th and arrive in Brussels on 28th to rest and go to MiniDebCamp on the first day, but I had buy a ticket to leave Brazil on 28th because it was cheaper. read more

Android Leftovers

2020-02-13 11:54:42

MacDroid helps bridge the Mac and Android worlds NerdWallet adds support for Android 10 face unlock Fail: Sony stops Android 10 rollout for the Xperia XZ2 & XZ3 because of multiple bugs Realme 6 leak hints at MediaTek Helio G90, Android 10 and more iQOO 3 to come with 12GB RAM and Android 10, Geekbench listing reveals Xiaomi Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro go official with 90Hz AMOLED displays, Snapdragon 865 chipset Vodafone TV updated to Android 9 Pie – the latest Android TV software With MWC 2020 canceled, most new Android phones face a tough debut Android saw a 98 percent drop in apps asking for call and text data Older Versions Of Android OS Vulnerable To Malware Which Spreads Via Bluetooth: This Is How You Can Stop It 10 best planner apps for Android to plan just about anything Galaxy Z Flip Flex split-screen mode could come to other Android phones New Google Maps widely available on Android and iOS Juniper Systems Limited Launches Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet Now Running Android read more

Purism and Georges Basile Stavracas Neto on GNOME, GTK

2020-02-13 11:53:15

Community Story: Building a Librem 5 app with Rust and GTK Could you introduce yourself and share how you got involved with GNOME development? I’m Bilal Elmoussaoui, I co-maintain GNOME Clocks and Sound Recorder and develop GNOME applications. I’m a long-time Linux user. I originally studied civil engineering and I’ve been learning to code for some time now, mostly writing web applications. I started contributing to GNOME projects while honing my Python skills. You are now a maintainer of several GNOME apps. Yes, I’ve started contributing to applications I use daily like FeedReader and Lollypop. The more I contribute, the more I learn about software development and the ecosystem. After a few years I found myself contributing to several GNOME applications, wherever I could make the user experience better for free software. Could you tell us about your recently released Read It Later app? Read It Later is a Wallabag client, which is a link saving service that you can host yourself. It includes all the basic features you would expect like managing and viewing articles. It also comes with easy-reader and dark modes in a beautiful and convergent design which adapts perfectly to desktop and mobile screens. What technology did you use to create Read It Later? I used to write applications with Python/Vala and GTK until late this summer when I got “The Rust programming language” book. It just sat on my desk for a while but I finally decided to pick something small to work on and made a simple Rust and GTK application template. The moment I opened my first GTK window with Rust I was hooked. The Rust GTK bindings have evolved a lot and we now have libhandy Rust bindings for adaptive widgets. Now I always pick Rust as a programming language, Meson as a build system and Flatpak to distribute my applications. How did you discover libhandy and are you a mobile Linux enthusiast? Georges Basile Stavracas Neto: Welcome 2020 I’m continuously failing to keep up with the Friends of GNOME donors. I really have to empty this queue as soon as possible. I’m really unhappy with the political situation of my country, Brazil. A halfwitted, fascism flirting populist was democratically elected. The public institutions were dominated by their inapt followers. Rich are getting richier, poor are getting poorer, inequality is skyrocketing, and despite all of that, a massive number of citizens seems to be applauding this madness, regardless if they’re profiting or not with this situation. I’m not comfortable with the idea of living here. I’m also not comfortable with the idea of leaving family behind. It seems this trend is spreading all around the world, so where else could I go anyway? I’ve also stopped training martial arts. I got involved with Aikido when I was 14. I was a vulnerable, not intellectually emancipated teenager that needed emotional crutches to carry on. For years, Aikido was part of my identity, and I would ignore blatant problems that surrounded it for the sake of keeping the narrative. Feeling like a virtuous warrior was good, after all. Over time, and with the maturity that came with it, the toxicity of it took a toll on me. Quitting it was traumatic. I still feel a big void. Quitting martial arts meant I stopped exercising. Turns out, the lack of physical activities, together with an awful political climate, and the stress of being an open source maintainer, is an express highway to depression. When I wrote “On Being a Free Software Maintainer“, I was already going downhill. Things got progressively worse until around GUADEC. Fortunately, the support from the GNOME community, my wife, family, and friends, were strong enough to allow me break this downward spiral. I do not know what would have happened without this support. To my family, wife, friends, and the GNOME community: thank you all so much for being here when I most needed. read more

How to check Ubuntu version in Linux command line

2020-02-13 11:48:00

Looks like the narrative thriller 'The Suicide of Rachel Foster' will come to Linux

2020-02-13 11:47:28

Tags: Steam, Upcoming, Adventure, Teaser, GOG, SpeculationReleasing next week on February 19, it's looking like 'The Suicide of Rachel Foster' will also be coming to Linux although it's not clear yet exactly when. An eagle-eyed user spotted Linux being noted on SteamDB, which the developer ONE-O-ONE GAMES then did a little teasing with a Twitter post quoting it to say "seems that way" with a little party emoji included and then some teasing towards us. So it certainly seems like we're getting this narrative thriller. Check out the trailer below: Watch video on Set in 1993, it follows the protagonist Nicole who is seemingly trapped in a mountain lodge with the only communication to the outside being through "one of the first radio telephones ever built" which allows you to speak to a FEMA agent. With their help, you end up investigating a deep mystery that's a "story of love and death, where melancholy and nostalgia melt into a thrilling ghost tale". Sounds super interesting! Feature Highlight: Explore the vast and detailed hotel, unravelling dark secrets of the family's past Binaural audio for a truly immersive experience Intriguing, touching and mature storytelling Multi-layered narrative thriller, combining elements of mystery and horror You can follow it on GOG and Steam. If it does get Linux support right away or if it comes later, we will of course let you know as soon as we know here on GOL.Article from

Contemporary adventure game inspired by the Philippines 'Until Then' announced

2020-02-13 11:25:14

Tags: Indie Game, Upcoming, Adventure, Godot EngineThis definitely has my attention, as I really do love seeing more games made in settings not too often explored in games. Until Then is inspired by the Philippines including its lifestyle, and culture. Mark, an average irresponsible high school student, tries to get by and find purpose in a humdrum life of scrolling, cramming, and traffic. He meets friends, both old and new, and embarks upon a seemingly never-ending trouble, until nothing is ever the same again. It's going to be heading to Kickstarter at some point, with a teaser trailer below which doesn't obviously give away much but it certainly seems interesting: Watch video on Looking around for more info, their official site doesn't give away too much at this early stage either. As shown in the teaser above the smartphone seems to play a prominent role in the game as they say to "chat with your classmates and explore the depths of social networks, where your replies and interactions may pose consequences" and they also mention that the world "hasn't ended yet" which makes me even more curious as to what's going to happen. It's also yet another game being made in Godot Engine, a free and open source game engine. Lovely to see even more developers opt for it. Once more details about it come out and/or the Kickstarter goes live, we will let you know here on GOL. You can follow Until Then on the official site and their Twitter account.Article from

Mesa Developers Discuss LTO'ing + PGO'ing Builds For Greater Performance

2020-02-13 11:23:40

Making use of Link-Time Optimizations (LTO) and Profile Guided Optimizations (PGO) is currently being talked about by Mesa developers for their release builds in potentially squeezing out better performance...

SUSE/OpenSUSE Interviews and How SLE is Built

2020-02-13 11:08:30

People of openSUSE: An Interview with Ish Sookun I joined the “Ambassador” program in 2009, which later was renamed to openSUSE Advocate, and finally the program was dropped. In 2013, I joined the openSUSE Local Coordinators to help coordinating activities in the region. It was my way of contributing back. During those years, I would also test openSUSE RCs and report bugs, organize local meetups about Linux in general (some times openSUSE in particular) and blog about those activities. Then, in 2018 after an inspiring conversation with Richard Brown, while he was the openSUSE Chairman, I stepped up and joined the openSUSE Elections Committee, to volunteer in election tasks. It was a nice and enriching learning experience along with my fellow election officials back then, Gerry Makaro and Edwin Zakaria. I attended my first openSUSE Conference in May 2019 in Nuremberg. I did a presentation on how we’re using Podman in production in my workplace. I was extremely nervous to give this first talk in front of the openSUSE community but I met folks who cheered me up. I can’t forget the encouragement from Richard, Gertjan, Harris, Doug, Marina and the countless friends I made at the conference. Later during the conference, I was back on the stage, during the Lightning Talks, and I spoke while holding the openSUSE beer in one hand and the microphone in the other. Nervousness was all gone thanks to the magic of the community. Edwin and Ary told me about their activities in Indonesia, particularly about the openSUSE Asia Summit. When the CfP for oSAS 2019 was opened, I did not hesitate to submit a talk, which was accepted, and months later I stood among some awesome openSUSE contributors in Bali, Indonesia. It was a great Summit where I discovered more of the openSUSE community. I met Gerald Pfeifer, the new chairman of openSUSE, and we talked about yoga, surrounded by all of the geeko fun, talks and workshops happening. SUSE Hack Week Spotlight: Xabier Arbulu My name is Xabier Arbulu and I’m from Spain (Basque country), even though I live in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria enjoying a better weather. I have been working as a Software engineer around 6 years now, and I joined SUSE a bit more than a year ago. One of the major motivations was that I wanted to feel and explore how is to work in an organization where Open Source is more than just business. I really think that collaboration and transparency are the way to go. I work in the SLES4SAP and HA team where we provide solutions to the customers with critical mission applications. One of my hobbies is to enjoy the nature (and the sports around this like hiking, surfing…), so it’s totally aligned with the path that SUSE started against the climate change and our planet conservation. SUSE Hack Week Spotlight: William Brown My name is William Brown, I’m a senior software engineer at SUSE. I’m from Brisbane Australia, and have been a software engineer for 5 years. Previously I was a system administrator at a major Australian university for 7 years. I am a photographer and also participate in judo and pole dance in my free time. How SUSE builds its Enterprise Linux distribution – PART 3 As for the “Minor Versions” of SLE, we decided (more than 14 years ago) to use a “Service Pack” Model for our SLE releases. The goal is to offer a predictable release cadence allowing our users to plan accordingly for their updates, but also to schedule our release with collections of maintenance updates and new features alike for a given major version. Back in the old days we promised to release a Service Pack every 12 to 18 months, but since SLE 12 GA (more than 5 years ago) we have decided to simplify and increase the regularity of our cadence by settling on a 12-month release cycle and supports previous service packs for 6 months after the release of the new service pack. Why? Well, this decision was made based on our customers’ and partners’ feedback and also because of the general increase in the cadence of open source development. For example, just to name a few other open source projects, did you know that there is a upstream Linux Kernel minor version every two months, Mozilla is releasing a new Firefox version every 6 weeks, and GNOME creates a full stable release every 6 months? Having two major SLE versions available with an annual release cadence for every “Minor Version”, which would normally be called a “Service Pack”, is part of our solution to solving the challenge of keeping up with the pace of open source projects, while at the same time offering choice and clarity to all our enterprise users. We will discuss the SLE Release Schedule in a dedicated blog post, but before getting too technical, we would like to give you a deeper insight into our Release Management Team, i.e. the people and team behind these release processes. read more

The narrative-based game 'Death and Taxes' puts the grim reaper in an office job - demo available

2020-02-13 11:06:48

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Upcoming, Strategy, Simulation, Demo, CasualInspired by the likes of Papers, Please, Animal Inspector, Beholder and Headliner we now have 'Death and Taxes', a game with plenty of hard choices and a morally gripping story with a rather stylish grim reaper. Arriving on Steam with Linux support on February 20, the developer said to expect "a ton of post-mortem bureaucracy"—oh my, whatever will people think up next. Your job is to decide who lives and who dies, with your decisions affecting the world around you. Watch video on Nothing horrifies me more than Death…and Taxes. I joke, sort of anyway but it's an interesting name for a game as well as a very strange setting. With the choices you make you can decide to "Keep the chaos away or foil plots to destroy the world and rise through the ranks of Reapers all the way up to MIDDLE-MANAGEMENT" and you can do so while looking incredibly dapper: Sometimes I really am easily pleased and that did give me a bit of a laugh I will admit. The Linux version so far seems to work great, as the developer provided an early copy through our Steam Curator. Feature Highlight: Meaningful choices Branching storyline with multiple [SECRET] endings Make-Your-Own-Grim-Reaper! Fully voiced NPCs Original Soundtrack Original artwork featuring watercolour graphics Dialogue options Upgrade shop Twitch integration! If you wish to try it yourself there is a demo up on the Steam page.Article from

Extend disk space of AWS EC2 Linux Instance

2020-02-13 11:06:21

In this tutorial , we will learn how to extend disk space of AWS EC2 Linux Instance with zero downtime. Before Starting I would recommend you to take AMI backup of the instance or Snapshot of the Volume.Taking backup is recommended for safety purpose.

Slackware Going for PAM

2020-02-13 10:50:20

Slackware Going for PAM It has been requested by many people in the past, many debates have been sprung due to this discussions, and finally in 2020 Patrick is taking PAM in -current (still in /testing for now, but hopefully will be merged in the main tree in the next few days or hours). It's a long journey to get PAM gets included and some people have been working on this as a side project, namely Vincent Batts, Robby Workman, and Ivandi. Their work is finally paid off and next Slackware release will have PAM support out-of-the-box, so people in the corporate can start working on AD (Active Directory) on top of Slackware. PAM landed in Slackware today, also new Plasma5 packages available What does that mean? Not much actually. Your Slackware will keep functioning as before. The new functionality offered by the Pluggable Authentication Modules is not directly visible. [...] Download the KDE-5_20.02 from the usual location at or one of its mirrors like . Check out the README file in the root of the repository for detailed installation or upgrade instructions. Development of Plasma5 is tracked in git: . A new Plasma5 Live ISO is going to be available soon at (rsync:// with user/pass being “live/live” as always. I am still working on an improved ‘setup2hd‘ and depending on the amount of work (and setbacks) I may decide to leave the ‘old’ setup2hd script in the ISO for now. read more

Project Heartbeat is an upcoming sweet community-driven rhythm game developed on Linux

2020-02-13 10:49:25

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Upcoming, Early Access, Music, Godot EngineStretch your fingers and get ready for a workout, as a new rhythm game is in town named Project Heartbeat. Inspired by titles like Clone Hero and Project Diva with a sweet style and plenty of Eurobeat music, Project Heartbeat will be entering Early Access relatively soon on Steam. Check out the trailer: Watch video on Feature Highlight: Hit notes to build up your combo and your score. Compete for official song leaderboards. Create and share your own charts! Play against your friends with the multiplayer mode. Play with the five included songs from top artists of the Eurobeat genre. Complete Steam Workshop support. Challenge yourself with the higher difficulty songs. I do enjoy a good rhythm game but I'm completely out of touch, looks like this could be an interesting one to get back into especially with multiplayer support. Even sweeter, the game is being developed on Linux using open source tooling including being made with Godot Engine. Check out Project Heartbeat on Steam and you can follow their progress on Twitter.Article from

An Open-Source Bootloader For Windows Lets You Run Off Btrfs, Other Possibilities

2020-02-13 10:47:57

Quibble is a new open-source bootloader that supports booting Windows XP through Windows 10 and opens up new possibilities like booting a Windows installation off Btrfs...

Games: Mutazione and Valve

2020-02-13 10:47:11

Mutant soap opera adventure 'Mutazione' now available for Linux Nominated for multiple awards so it must be a little bit special, the mutant soap opera adventure Mutazione has today been released for Linux. Valve has banned tens of thousands of Dota 2 accounts as they tweak their smurf detection Unfortunately, in any online game (especially a free one) you're going to get many forms of abusive behaviour. One such problem in Dota 2 is 'smurf' accounts and Valve are attempting to deal with it. A smurf account is where an experienced player will make another account, to then stomp all over less experienced players and ruin their fun. It is a nuisance, it can completely ruin games and no doubt turns away plenty of potential fans. Valve are aware and they've blogged a few times recently about their plans to improve Dota 2's matchmaking and detection systems a lot of which is already live. Valve released a new Stable version of the Steam Client - Steam Play filter for Big Picture Mode added Yesterday, Valve released an update to the Steam client pulling in a whole bunch of features changes and a visual visual adjustments from the recent Betas. Big Picture Mode also saw a few handy tweaks. For Linux, there's a new filter for Steam Play white-listed games that shows as "Steam Play Certified". read more

How To Use Database Migrations and Seeders to Abstract Database Setup in Laravel

2020-02-13 10:38:42

Valve released a new Stable version of the Steam Client - Steam Play filter for Big Picture Mode added

2020-02-13 10:21:08

Tags: Steam, Apps, UpdateYesterday, Valve released an update to the Steam client pulling in a whole bunch of feature changes and a few visual adjustments from the recent Betas. Big Picture Mode also saw a few handy tweaks. For Linux, there's a new filter for Steam Play white-listed games that shows as "Steam Play Certified". It doesn't seem to work correctly just yet, since plenty of titles show up that aren't in the white-list and that's with Steam Play only turned on for "supported" titles too so I've opened a bug report for that. Quite interesting to see though as it could mean Valve are preparing for a wider push on the Steam store, or just an option that makes sense that was missing. There's also no longer an option to turn off a controller from Big Picture if the controller doesn't support it, the Big Picture Overlay got fixed up for games with launchers, a crash was fixed when viewing Community Connect in Library and an issue where the on-screen keyboard would not work with mouse or touch input when a controller is attached was also solved. For Remote Play Together there's a new handy ability to invite players by dragging them from the friend's list into the Remote Play Together window. Multiple other bugs got fixed including non-Steam games sometimes appearing unavailable for Remote Play, Valve fixed steamwebhelper CPU/GPU usage in Steam overlay while the overlay is not visible and as a handy addition the Steam client will now attempt to immediately sync your Steam Cloud files in the background instead of waiting potentially until the first launch of the game to make the process smoother. On the Linux side there's a fix for the "diagnostic tool helper processes blocking until they time out on Ubuntu 18.04. Sadly it has also come with a few minor issues; a few buttons in the Library don't work including Manage Screenshots (but you can do that from the main Steam "View" menu), Play Album and possibly more. Hopefully those will get fixed soon. You can see the announcement here.Article from

DDoS attacks in Q4 2019

2020-02-13 10:15:51

Resulta llamativo que en el último trimestre del año la cantidad de ataques y de servidores de comando fuera mucho menor, mientras que el número de ataques muy largos (de más de 400 horas) supera los índices históricos.

Vivaldi 2.11 Adds New Picture-in-Picture Controls, Improves Accessibility and Themes

2020-02-13 09:52:00

Vivaldi Technologies announced today a new version of their Chromium-based web browser for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms, Vivaldi 2.11.

CentOS SSH Installation And Configuration

2020-02-13 09:20:00

DragonFlyBSD Improves Its TMPFS Implementation For Better Throughput Performance

2020-02-13 08:52:30

It's been a while since last having any new magical optimizations to talk about by DragonFlyBSD lead developer Matthew Dillon, but on Wednesday he landed some significant temporary file-system "TMPFS" optimizations for better throughput including with swap...

Sophisticated Emotet malware loader thriving on unsophisticated passwords

2020-02-13 08:52:16

Emotet has evolved. And that's not good. The worm is winning the attention of security watchers this month, as an exploit of Wi-Fi networks. It hops. It spreads. Its triggers are insecure passwords on routers and Windows PCs.

Airbus reports 2019 net loss of 1.36 bn euros

2020-02-13 08:50:58

Airbus on Thursday reported a net loss of 1.36 billion euros in 2019 after being hit by a 3.6-billion-euro fine over a bribery scandal and extra development costs for the A400M transport aircraft.

Nissan downgrades forecasts as 9-month net profit plunges

2020-02-13 08:48:25

Crisis-hit Japanese automaker Nissan said Thursday its net profit plunged more than 87 percent for the nine months to December as it struggles with weak demand and fallout from the arrest of former boss Carlos Ghosn.

How to Install Django Web Application Framework on Debian 10

2020-02-13 08:37:40

Django is an open-source web application framework that helps you to develop dynamic websites and applications. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install the Django web framework with PIP on Debian 10. We will also learn how to create a Django application and connect it with a database.

Security/Integrity/Proprietary: Microsoft, SWIFT, SymTCP, Emotet and CIA Leaks

2020-02-13 08:11:50

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, February 2020 Edition A dozen of the vulnerabilities Microsoft patched today are rated “critical,” meaning malware or miscreants could exploit them remotely to gain complete control over an affected system with little to no help from the user. Last month, Microsoft released an advisory warning that attackers were exploiting a previously unknown flaw in IE. That vulnerability, assigned as CVE-2020-0674, has been patched with this month’s release. It could be used to install malware just by getting a user to browse to a malicious or hacked Web site. Microsoft once again fixed a critical flaw in the way Windows handles shortcut (.lnk) files (CVE-2020-0729) that affects Windows 8 and 10 systems, as well as Windows Server 2008-2012. Allan Liska, intelligence analyst at Recorded Future, says Microsoft considers exploitation of the vulnerability unlikely, but that a similar vulnerability discovered last year, CVE-2019-1280, was being actively exploited by the Astaroth trojan as recently as September. Forging SWIFT MT Payment Messages for fun and pr... research! TLDR: With a bit of research and support we were able to demonstrate a proof of concept for introducing a fraudulent payment message to move £0.5M from one account to another, by manually forging a raw SWIFT MT103 message, and leveraging specific system trust relationships to do the hard work for us! SymTCP – a new tool for circumventing deep packet inspections In a paper (PDF) entitled ‘SymTCP: Eluding Stateful Deep Packet Inspection with Automated Discrepancy Discovery’, academics from the University of California’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering demonstrate how to bypass DPI mechanisms, regardless of their application. According to the team, DPI systems often use simplified machine states of network stacks that are not exact implementation copies of end hosts. Discrepancies can then be exploited through packet fragmentation or manipulation. SymTCP first runs ‘symbolic execution’ on a server’s TCP implementation, and the resulting scan collects execution paths labeled as either ‘accept’ or ‘drop’ for packet inspection. The DPI system is then checked with generated packet sequences to ascertain which, if any, are processed in the same way by the DPI and the server. If discrepancies in handling are detected, the open source tool is able to create packets that can reach core elements in the code responsible for accepting or dropping requests, thereby potentially avoiding DPI middlebox checks.                     Emotet can spread to poorly secured Wi-Fi networks and computers on them                                               After the malware infects a computer that has Wi-Fi capability, it uses the wlanAPI interface to discover any Wi-Fi networks in the area: a neighbor’s Wi-Fi network, a free Wi-Fi network at a café, or a Wi-Fi network of a nearby business.                     Emotet can now hack Wi-Fi networks                                               This new strain utilizes wlanAPI.dll calls to discover wireless networks around a computer that is already infected with Emotet. By using the compromised machine's Wi-Fi connection, the malware tries to brute-force its way in to other password protected networks nearby.                         After the compromised device has been successfully connected to another wireless network, the Emotet Trojan begins looking for other Windows devices with non-hidden shares. The malware then scans for all accounts on these devices and once again brute-forces the password for the Administrator account and all other users on the system.                     “What is the Root User?” Joshua Schulte Set Up the Shared “root” Password He’ll Use in his Defense                                               In a full day of testimony yesterday, one of Joshua Schulte’s former colleagues, testifying under the name Jeremy Weber (which may be a pseudonym of a pseudonym under the protective order imposed for the trial) introduced a ton of detail about how the engineering group he and Schulte worked in was set up bureaucratically, how the servers were set up, and how relations between Schulte and the rest of the group started to go south in the months and weeks leading up to the date when, the government alleges, he stole CIA’s [cracking] tools. He also described how devastating the leak was for the CIA.                         In that testimony, the government began to lay out their theory of the case: When Schulte lost SysAdmin access to the servers hosting the malware they were working on — and the same day the unit announced they’d soon be moving the last server to which Schulte had administrator privileges under the official SysAdmin group — Schulte went back to the back-up file of the server from the day the fight started blowing up, March 3, 2016, and made a copy of it.                         But the government also started previewing what will likely be Schulte’s defense: that some of these servers were available via a shared root password accessible to anyone in their group.                     State officials press Congress for more resources to fight cyberattacks [iophk: Windows TCO]                                               Tuesday's hearing follows months of escalating attacks against government entities across the nation, with most involving ransomware, which attackers use to lock down a system and demand payment to give the user access again.         Trump administration wants private sector to do more to counter foreign intelligence efforts                                                               The Trump administration’s counterintelligence strategy, released Monday, aims for stronger collaboration between the intelligence community and the private sector on detecting and stopping foreign intelligence threats to U.S. entities.                                 The plan, which President Donald Trump approved in early January, emphasizes a longstanding government argument that the private sector must do more to prevent foreign espionage. As state-sponsored hackers target more U.S. companies, corporate America should prioritize preparations to stifle similar attacks in the future, the director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, Bill Evanina, told reporters at a briefing Monday.                             read more

Why developers like to code at night

2020-02-13 08:02:00

If you ask most developers when they prefer to work, many will say their most productive hours are at night. This may be especially true for open source contributors who are contributing to projects outside of their day job (though hopefully within healthy limits to avoid burnout). Some like to start in the evening and work till the early hours while others get up super early—say, 4 a.m.—to get most of the programming work done before the daily grind kicks in. read more

Manage complex Git workspaces with Great Teeming Workspaces

2020-02-13 08:01:00

Great Teeming Workspaces (GTWS) is a complex workspace management package for Git that makes it easy to have development environments for different projects and different versions of a project. read more

Introducing our new Lua cheat sheet

2020-02-13 08:00:00

Lua is a minimalistic, lightweight language implemented as a C library. It's fast and simple to learn, efficient to run, embeddable, and tiny (its source code download is under 500 KB, and it's just over 1MB compiled). You can use Lua to create an API for your application or as a scripting language, for quick prototyping, or as the foundation of your software project. read more

Cavium OCTEON Driver Support For Linux Is Coming Back From The Dead

2020-02-13 07:26:21

It looks like the Cavium/Marvell OCTEON MIPS-based processor support is being restored for Linux systems after some of its drivers were briefly removed...

How to install composer on RHEL 8

2020-02-13 07:23:20

Composer is a dependency management tool for php, much like cpan for perl. If you have read the tutorial about installing cpan, the architecture will be somewhat familiar. Composer, as a command line tool is the client that can fetch and update the php libraries we mark as needed, as well as the libraries these depend on, etc.

Escuelas Linux 6.7 Rings in the New Decade with the Best Free Educational Apps

2020-02-13 06:09:00

Alejandro Díaz informs 9to5Linux today about the general availability of Escuelas Linux 6.7, the first release of this educational-oriented GNU/Linux distribution in the new decade.

Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Now Available for Download

2020-02-13 05:53:00

Canonical has recently announced a new long-term support version of Ubuntu for desktop, server, and cloud, all running on Linux Kernel 5.3 Known as Bionic Beaver, Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS comes alongside all the other flavors that are based on this system, including Kubuntu and Xubuntu (you can find the full list, along with links to their release notes, in the box after the jump). Just as expected, the new release comes with all the patches and security fixes included in the latest updates, and given it’s an LTS version, it’s specifically focused on stability and compatibility going forward. Five years of maintenance updates “Like previous LTS series, 18.04.4 includes hardware enablement stacks for use on newer hardware. This support is offered on all architectures and is installed by default when using one of the desktop images,” the Ubuntu team explains. “As usual, this point release includes many updates, and updated installation media has been pr...

Australian court approves $10 bn Vodafone-TPG merger

2020-02-13 05:30:01

Two of Australia's largest telecommunications firms appear set to merge, after a court ruled on Thursday that the multi-billion-dollar deal between Vodafone and TPG would not pose a major threat to competition.

Andy Rubin smartphone startup Essential Products shuts down

2020-02-13 05:29:41

Smartphone startup Essential Products, launched by one of the co-creators of Android mobile software, announced Wednesday that it was shutting down.

Will Facebook Dating swipe online lovebirds out of digital nest?

2020-02-13 05:28:32

All's fair in electronic love and dating - or is it? The battle for hearts and minds of couples seeking their perfect match online has taken a new turn.

Billionaire Bezos buys estate for $165 mn: report

2020-02-13 05:27:23

Billionaire Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has purchased a Los Angeles-area estate for $165 million, setting a new record for the region, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

Official: Puerto Rico govt loses $2.6M in phishing scam

2020-02-13 05:25:31

Puerto Rico's government has lost more than $2.6 million after falling for an email phishing scam, according to a senior official.

Hwangsaeul Is A Collabora-Backed Open-Source Video Surveillance SRT System

2020-02-13 05:00:01

Collabora under contract with SK Telecom has been working on Hwangsaeul as a new open-source platform for relaying security system surveillance video feeds from multiple sources, recording them on the centralized server, and supports connected clients for watching the feeds...

What Every Open Source Software User Needs to Know About Open Source Licenses

2020-02-13 04:54:39

Different OSS licenses have been created for different - and sometimes incompatible - reasons. Before incorporating OSS into a product you need to know the differences and how to be sure you play by the rules.

Linux/Kernel: GStreamer/SK Telecom, Benchmarks, Libcgroup and Kernel "Whoops"

2020-02-13 03:58:57

Low latency streaming of security video feeds with SRT and GStreamer For remote security surveillance, like monitoring an industrial facility where expensive equipment or even human lives might be at stake, maintaining an immediate and high quality video streaming from the areas of interest is a must. With the advent of 5G networks, it's now possible to stream high quality video in real-time with a very low latency that wasn't possible with the past generations of mobile networks. In this domain, the SRT protocol has been picking up speed, and thanks to srtsrc and srtsink elements available since GStreamer 1.16 (see Olivier Crête's blog post) it's now easier than ever to incorporate low latency streaming into your application. Here at Collabora we've been lately participating in design and development of Hwangsaeul—a next generation security video feeds streaming platform with one of our customers, SK Telecom Co.. Hwangsaeul is a cloud relay service that gathers live security video feeds from different locations into a single service to which clients can connect to watch the feeds. Additionally, it also enables continuous recording of each feed. The SRT protocol is utilized by both camera-to-relay and relay-to-client transport in order to minimize latency. Benchmarking Linux 5.5 vs. Linux 5.6-rc1 On A Few Systems So Far Since the release of Linux 5.6-rc1 that is coming in as a very feature-packed kernel, here are benchmarks of Linux 5.5 stable up against Linux 5.6-rc1 on a few of the systems tested so far while more results are in-progress. Linux 5.5 vs. 5.6-rc1 were benchmarked using the reference binaries from the Ubuntu Mainline Kernel PPA. For this quick article are results from a Threadripper 3970X, AMD EPYC 7742 2P, and Intel Xeon Platinum 8280 2P in distinctly different configurations in seeing if there is any widespread trends as of 5.6-rc1 for these high-end systems. Libcgroup in the Twenty-First Century In 2008 libcgroup was created to simplify how users interact with and manage cgroups. At the time, only cgroups v1 existed, the libcgroup source was hosted in a subversion repository on Sourceforce, and System V still ruled the universe. Fast forward to today and the landscape is changing quickly. To pave the way for cgroups v2 support in libcgroup, we have added unit tests, functional tests, continuous integration, code coverage, and more. Whoops, Linux 5.5 Missed Some "Critical" Intel Graphics Driver Patches While Linux 5.5 is out in the wild now as the latest stable version of the Linux kernel, it turns out some Intel kernel graphics driver patches were overlooked and this can spell trouble for some users. Longtime Intel open-source Linux graphics driver developer Chris Wilson noted on Tuesday that Linux 5.5 is missing multiple urgent patches. The ticket notes the lack of these patches is of severity "critical" and the highest priority. read more

2019 Members Choice Award Winners

2020-02-13 03:40:19

The polls are closed and the results for the 2019 Members Choice Awards are in. Debian, Firefox, MariaDB, KDE, and System76 are among the winners. The Members Choice Awards allow members of the Linux community to choose their favorite products/projects in a variety of categories including Programming Language of the Year, Desktop Distribution of the Year, Browser of the Year, and Linux Desktop Vendor of the Year.

Audiocasts/Shows/Screencasts: FLOSS Weekly, Linux Headlines, SparkyLinux and Freespire

2020-02-13 03:35:06

FLOSS Weekly 566: Flutter Update Hillel is a co-founder of Invoice Ninja, the leading open-source invoicing solution. He also spends time on two passion projects: and, and is a devoted husband and father and a Google Developer 2020-02-12 | Linux Headlines Andy Rubin’s Essential Products is shutting down, a favorite Linux app gets a new release, and Microsoft details features for Windows 10X that sound very familiar. SparkyLinux 2020.02 "LXQt" overview | powered by debian In this video, I am going to show an overview of SparkyLinux 2020.02 "LXQt" and some of the applications pre-installed. Freespire 6.0 Run Through In this video, we are looking at Freespire 6.0. read more

Security: Updates, Mitigations, Myths, DNS/IPFire and Huawei

2020-02-13 03:27:29

Security updates for Wednesday Security updates have been issued by CentOS (spice-gtk), Debian (libemail-address-list-perl), openSUSE (chromium, libqt5-qtbase, nginx, systemd, and wicked), Oracle (spice-gtk), Slackware (firefox and thunderbird), and Ubuntu (libexif and Yubico PIV Tool). Mitigations are attack surface, too This blog post discusses a bug leading to memory corruption in Samsung's Android kernel (specifically the kernel of the Galaxy A50, A505FN - I haven't looked at Samsung's kernels for other devices). I will describe the bug and how I wrote a (very unreliable) exploit for it. I will also describe how a second vulnerability, which had long been fixed in the upstream kernel, the upstream stable releases, and the Android common kernel, but not in Samsung's kernel, aided in its exploitation. If you want to look at the corresponding source code yourself, you can download Samsung's kernel sources for the A505FN from here. The versions seem to be sorted such that the newer ones are at the top of the list; A505FNXXS3ASK9 is the newest one at the time of writing, corresponding to the November 2019 security patch level. What to know about open source security Many companies have a preference towards open source technology, so what should be kept in mind in regards to ensuring its security? Enhancements to our DNS Resolver Today, we have taken some important changes on our DNS Resolver into production. Having released support for DNS-over-TLS in 2018, we have now added TCP Fast Open and TLSv1.3. Lightning Wire Labs is managing a DNS Resolver to provide an alternative to the large corporation who are trying to get the global DNS system under their control and use it for marketing purposes. To not fall behind the technical development, we have now enabled some new features on our resolver to make it ready for the new DNS changes that are going to land with IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 141 very soon. U.S. Officials Say Huawei Can Covertly Access Telecom Networks Huawei can covertly access mobile networks through back doors meant for law enforcement, the U.S. has told allies in a bid to show that the firm poses a security threat.  U.S. officials say Huawei Technologies Co. can covertly access mobile-phone networks around the world through “back doors” designed for use by law enforcement, as Washington tries to persuade allies to exclude the Chinese company from their networks. read more

Mozilla: Privacy, NextDNS, Vista 10 and Spyware

2020-02-13 03:18:50

What watching “You” on Netflix taught us about privacy We’re not sure if we can consider “You” a guilty pleasure considering how many people have binged every episode (over 43 million), but it certainly ranks up there right next to ASMR videos. There’s something oddly compelling about listening to and watching someone like Joe Goldberg who is just a regular, well, Joe (or psychopath), uncover everything there is to know about his “love” obsession Guinevere Beck through a few simple online searches. In reality, the whole premise of the show kind dissolves with the most basic of digital privacy setting, which is why it feels good to know with a few simple tweaks, someone like Joe could never snoop in on our lives and thus makes the whole experience of watching “You” completely voyeuristic. Season one, episode one kicks off with Beck, a struggling poet living in Manhattan, wandering into a bookstore to find a Paula Fox book. Joe, the clerk, immediately sets his eyes on the ingenue and starts building a mental profile of her based on her body language and reading preferences. It’s not long after their first encounter when we happen upon our first privacy tip. After soliciting his help to find the book, she checks out at the register and hands him her credit card. He thinks it’s because she wants him to know her name, we think it’s because she’s a struggling poet and probably needs the cash she has in her wallet to be liquid in case of emergencies, but anyway. Firefox 73 Released With Security Fixes, New DoH Provider, More Mozilla has released Firefox 73 today, February 11th, 2020, to the Stable desktop channel for Windows, macOS, and Linux with bug fixes, new features, and security fixes. Included with this release are new features such as a default zoom setting, high contrast theme improvements, and NextDNS as a new DoH provider. Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop users can upgrade to Firefox 73.0 by going to Options -> Help -> About Firefox and the browser will automatically check for the new update and install it when available. things one hates about Windows 10 – Thunderbird as default mail program for firefox mail sharing links use GNU Linux on a daily basis on all machines. run windows virtualized for various tasks and as a gaming station. but also have to support clients using Win 10. So here is why one would NOT use it. What the Open Source community shall do better: listen to the users and create high quality well tested reliable secure robust fast sleak software that makes the everyday life better for millions and millions. Karl Dubost: Week notes - 2020 w06 - worklog - Finishing anonymous reporting Cleaning up emails. And let's restart coding for issue #3140 (PR #3167). Last week, I discussed with mike, if I should rebase the messy commits so we have a cleaner version. On one hand, the rebase would create a clean history with commits by specific sections, but the history of my commits also document the thought process. For now I think I will keep the "messy informative" commits. read more

Python Programming, Interview With Brett Slatkin, Switching From Python to Java and More

2020-02-13 03:02:16

How to Plot a Histogram with Pandas in 3 Simple Steps The post How to Plot a Histogram with Pandas in 3 Simple Steps appeared first on Erik Marsja. In this post, we are going to learn how to plot histograms with Pandas in Python. Specifically, we are going to learn 3 simple steps to make a histogram with Pandas. Now, plotting a histogram is a good way to explore the distribution of our data. Python Community Interview With Brett Slatkin Today I’m speaking to Brett Slatkin, a principal software engineer at Google and the author of the Python programming book Effective Python. Join us as we discuss Brett’s experience working with Python at Google, refactoring, and the challenges he faced when writing the second edition of his book. Without any further ado, let’s get into it! World's average country population and inspection paradox Have you ever thought how much is the world’s average country population? And what does it say about the country you are living in or for the quality of life of the average person? All these questions are related to what we call the “Inspection Paradox” which we are going to illustrate here using Python. First of all we need to find some data. For that purpose we could use wikipedia. We are going to do everything without even opening a web browser! There is a nice Python library we could use to access and parse data from Wikipedia. In order to install it we need to simply run. Is Switching From Python to Java is a Good Idea? The idea of having Python as a first programming language has a rational background. First of all, the syntax of Python is short and clear and the underlying model of objects and variables working is perfectly consistent. That means you can write “real” and pretty powerful applications without great effort. So there is nothing strange that many schools teach students programming using Python. However, knowing two languages is always better than one. If you are thinking of learning a second language after Python, Java could be a really nice choice. In this article, we are going to discuss switching from Python to Java in the case of a beginner software developer. Tensorflow basics Machine learning might be frightening for beginners. So let's learn something extremely simple so you could feel the ground. read more

Canonical Announces Amazon EC2 Hibernation Support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

2020-02-13 03:00:00

The Hibernation feature lets users pause their Amazon EC2 Instances.

Linux command line basics: sudo

2020-02-13 02:25:59

Learn to elevate your work and your permissions by becoming a super user with sudo.

A Raspberry Pi Kiosk

2020-02-13 02:01:56

Unlike my usual Raspberry Pi hacks, the kiosk would need a monitor and a window system. So instead of my usual Raspbian Lite install, I opted for a full Raspbian desktop image. Mistake. First, the Raspbian desktop is very slow. I intended to use a Pi Zero W for the kiosk, but even on a Pi 3 the desktop was sluggish. More important, the desktop is difficult to configure. For instance, a kiosk needs to keep the screen on, so I needed to disable the automatic screen blanking. There are threads all over the web asking how to disable screen blanking, with lots of solutions that no longer apply because Raspbian keeps changing where desktop configuration files are stored. Incredibly, the official Raspbian answer for how to disable screen blanking in the desktop — I can hardly type, I'm laughing so hard — is: install xscreensaver, which will then add a configuration option to turn off the screensaver. (I actually tried that just to see if it would work, but changed my mind when I saw the long list of dependencies xscreensaver was going to pull in.) I never did find a way to disable screen blanking, and after a few hours of fighting with it, I decided it wasn't worth it. Setting up Raspbian Lite is so much easier and I already knew how to do it. If I didn't, Die Antwort has a nice guide, Setup a Raspberry Pi to run a Web Browser in Kiosk Mode, that uses my preferred window manager, Openbox. Here are my steps, starting with a freshly burned Raspbian Lite SD card. read more

The gotcha got me again [EasyOS 2.2.10 bugfix release]

2020-02-13 01:56:37

I posted yesterday about this gotcha: I built EasyPup 2.2.10, and at the desktop there was no bluetooth icon in the tray ...sigh. This is on the same laptop, did get the bluetooth icon for the EasyOS build. The background timing must be different somehow. T [...] OK, ready to release EasyPup 2.2.10, will upload later today. These little fixes should really also be applied to EasyOS 2.2.10, will probably also re-upload them later today. read more

Endless OS 3.7.7

2020-02-13 01:52:03

Endless OS 3.7.7 was released for existing users today (February 10th, 2020). Downloadable images for new users will be available in the next few days, except for Raspberry Pi 4 images which are already available (see below). read more

Manage your SSL certificates with the ssl-on-demand script

2020-02-13 01:11:38

It happens all the time, to the largest of companies. An important certificate doesn't get renewed, and services become inaccessible. It happened to Microsoft Teams in early February 2020, awkwardly timed just after the launch of a major television campaign promoting it as a Slack competitor. Embarrassing as that may be, it's sure to happen to someone else in the more

Third-Party Breaches - and the Number of Records Exposed - Increased Sharply in 2019

2020-02-13 00:10:00

Each breach exposed an average of 13 million records, Risk Based Security found.

How to Backup Files and Folders in Debian 10

2020-02-12 23:57:18

In this article, we will learn how we can back up files and folders local and remotely in Debian 10 using system commands cp and rsync and how to schedule backups with cron.

Firefox 73 + Firefox 74 Beta Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux

2020-02-12 23:37:36

Given this week's release of Firefox 73 stable that also puts Firefox 74 into beta state, here are fresh Firefox browser benchmarks of Firefox 72/73/74 on Ubuntu Linux with and without WebRender as well as how it compares to the current state of Google Chrome.

How to Install OrangeScrum on CentOS 8

2020-02-12 23:00:00

Orangescrum is an open-source and collaboration web application written by using CakePHP.

How to Install Python 3.8 on CentOS 8

2020-02-12 22:42:58

This guide explains how to build Python 3.8 on CentOS 8 from the source code. We’ll also show you how to create a virtual environment.

Avast Under Investigation by Czech Privacy Agency

2020-02-12 22:15:00

The software security maker is suspected of selling data about more than 100 million users to companies including Google, Microsoft, and Home Depot.

Distribution Release: Ubuntu 18.04.4

2020-02-12 22:05:42

The Ubuntu team has published updated media for the distribution's 18.04 LTS series. Version 18.04.4 of the distribution, along with its Community Editions, provide optional updated hardware support and security updates for supported packages. "The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS (Long-Term....

How to Use the RPM Command (with Examples)

2020-02-12 22:00:00

HowToForge: In this tutorial, we will show you how to use RPM package manager with some examples.

Britain starts setting up 'first internet watchdog'

2020-02-12 21:50:02

The British government said Wednesday it plans to allow its broadcast regulator to police the internet and issue substantial fines when social media giants fail to remove "online harm".

World Mobile Congress cancelled over coronavirus fears

2020-02-12 21:46:57

Organisers of the World Mobile Congress said Wednesday they have cancelled the world's top mobile trade fair due to fears stemming from the coronavirus that sparked an exodus of industry heavyweights.

FBI: Business Email Compromise Cost Businesses $1.7B in 2019

2020-02-12 21:45:00

BEC attacks comprised nearly half of cybercrime losses last year, which totaled $3.5 billion overall as Internet-enabled crimes ramped up.

Automated system can rewrite outdated sentences in Wikipedia articles

2020-02-12 21:29:45

A system created by MIT researchers could be used to automatically update factual inconsistencies in Wikipedia articles, reducing time and effort spent by human editors who now do the task manually.

Wind River Linux adds CI/CD support with more frequent releases

2020-02-12 21:29:06

Wind River Linux customers can now choose a continuous integration and continuous delivery model for access to updated releases every few weeks. Wind River also announced separate, async updates for containers and Linux. Wind River has updated it Wind River Linux distribution with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) support. This optional “model” for subscribing to the commercial, but open source Yocto Linux based, embedded distro provides customers with new releases that can be downloaded every few weeks. read more

Extend the life of your SSD drive with fstrim

2020-02-12 21:28:38

Over the past decade, solid-state drives (SSD) have brought about a new way of managing storage. SSDs have benefits like silent and cooler operation and a faster interface spec, compared to their elder spinning ancestors. Of course, new technology brings with it new methods of maintenance and management. SSDs have a feature called TRIM. This is essentially a method for reclaiming unused blocks on the device, which may have been previously written, but no longer contain valid data and therefore, can be returned to the general storage pool for more

Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS released

2020-02-12 21:21:07

The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS (Long-Term Support) for its Desktop, Server, and Cloud products, as well as other flavours of Ubuntu with long-term support. Like previous LTS series, 18.04.4 includes hardware enablement stacks for use on newer hardware. This support is offered on all architectures and is installed by default when using one of the desktop images. Ubuntu Server defaults to installing the GA kernel; however you may select the HWE kernel from the installer bootloader. As usual, this point release includes many updates, and updated installation media has been provided so that fewer updates will need to be downloaded after installation. These include security updates and corrections for other high-impact bugs, with a focus on maintaining stability and compatibility with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Also: Download Now: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Released with Linux Kernel 5.3 Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Released With The Newest Hardware Enablement Stack read more

New air-pressure sensor could improve everyday devices

2020-02-12 21:02:31

A team of mechanical engineers at Binghamton University, State University of New York investigating a revolutionary kind of micro-switch has found another application for its ongoing research.

Add An Overlay With GPU / CPU Usage And Temperature (And More) To Any Vulkan Game With MangoHud

2020-02-12 21:00:00

LinuxUprising: MangoHud is a modification of the Mesa Vulkan overlay that includes GUI improvements, temperature (GPU and CPU) reporting, and optional logging

Upgrade Your Linux Terminal with Tilix

2020-02-12 20:14:18

Tilix works as a great terminal alternative for your Linux PC. Let's see how you can use it to turn your terminal into a modern and efficient workspace.

Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Released With The Newest Hardware Enablement Stack

2020-02-12 20:04:51

After a one week delay, Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS is available today as the newest long-term support point release...

Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Released with Linux Kernel 5.3

2020-02-12 20:03:00

The latest Ubuntu 18.04 LTS point release is now available to download. Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, which arrives a week later than planned due to a few last minute issue, serves as the penultimate point release […] This post, Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Released with Linux Kernel 5.3, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

Recommended Steps To Harden Apache HTTP on FreeBSD 12.0

2020-02-12 20:01:47

Tails 4.3 Anonymous OS Adds Trezor Cryptocurrency Wallet

2020-02-12 20:00:00

9to5Linux: New features in the Tails 4.3 release include a command-line utility that lets users manage their Trezor cryptocurrencies.

Shell Script Put Multiple Line Comments under Bash/KSH

2020-02-12 19:59:00

Understanding Map and Set Objects in JavaScript

2020-02-12 19:14:25

Ping, traceroute, and netstat: The network troubleshooting trifecta

2020-02-12 19:00:00

There are three tools that are the foundation of all network troubleshooting in Linux.

Stop Defending Everything

2020-02-12 19:00:00

Instead, try prioritizing with the aid of a thorough asset inventory.

This Week in Linux 92: Linux 5.5, Solus, Kali, Tails, elementary, Red Hat, Pine64, Laptops

2020-02-12 18:59:57

DLN Xtend, Linux Kernel 5.5, Solus 4.1, Tails 4.2, Kali Linux, elementary OS, Sudo Bug, Pine64 HardROCK64, PinePhone, Canonical Anbox Cloud, Kdenlive, RawTherapee, Kubuntu Focus, WINE, Proton & more

Are robots designed to include the LGBTQ+ community?

2020-02-12 18:13:56

In a new short paper in the journal Nature Machine Intelligence, Roger A. Søraa from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and co-authors Eduard Fosch-Villaronga from Leiden University in the Netherlands, and Adam Poulsen from Charles Sturt University in Australia discuss what a queering of robots might entail.

How To Monitor Linux System Uptime Using Uptimed

2020-02-12 18:00:00

ostechnix: Uptimed is a command line utility used to record and keep track of a Linux system uptime.

Study shows explosive growth in time spent streaming TV

2020-02-12 17:57:57

Streaming services like Netflix or Hulu account for 19% of television viewing in the United States now for people who have that capacity, virtually double what it was less than two years ago, a report out Wednesday said.

Audit slams safety US oversight of Southwest Airlines

2020-02-12 17:56:40

The Federal Aviation Administration's lax oversight allowed Southwest Airlines to put millions of passengers at risk, according to a new audit that adds to scrutiny of the US regulator.

Compress And Decompress Files In Parallel Using Pigz

2020-02-12 17:45:37

In this guide, let us learn to compress and decompress files in parallel using Pigz in Linux.

Benchmarking Linux 5.5 vs. Linux 5.6-rc1 On A Few Systems So Far

2020-02-12 17:44:48

Since the release of Linux 5.6-rc1 that is coming in as a very feature-packed kernel, here are benchmarks of Linux 5.5 stable up against Linux 5.6-rc1 on a few of the systems tested so far while more results are in-progress...

Vivaldi 2.11 Released with Improved Pop-out Video Player, Other Tweaks

2020-02-12 17:18:52

A new version of the Vivaldi web browser is now available for download with an improved pop-out video player and improve keyboard shortcut navigation. This post, Vivaldi 2.11 Released with Improved Pop-out Video Player, Other Tweaks, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

Mutant soap opera adventure 'Mutazione' now available for Linux

2020-02-12 17:11:17

Tags: Steam, Adventure,, GOG, New ReleaseNominated for multiple awards so it must be a little bit special, the mutant soap opera adventure Mutazione has today been released for Linux. Mutazione is an adventure game where the juicy personal drama is just as important as the high-stakes adventure. Explore the community as 15-year-old Kai as she travels to the strange and secretive community of Mutazione to care for her ailing grandfather, Nonno. Make new friends; plant musical gardens; attend BBQs, band nights and boat trips; and embark on a final spiritual journey to save everyone from the strange darkness at the heart of it all. Watch video on Feature Highlight: A lush, hand-illustrated world to explore Ensemble cast of loveable mutant characters A story with unpredictable dramatic twists and turns Gardens to customize for unique relaxing musical soundscapes Seed sharing - send and receive rare and unusual seeds with your friends The great news is that it supports a bunch of languages including English, Danish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Arabic. Linux support arrives not long after a substantial update too, with the Garden Mode that allows the player to access a stand-alone magical musical garden (on top of the gardens grown in story mode). You can share seeds with friends, get access to 7 seeds not in the story mode, time control and more. The developer told us the Linux build will be going up on various stores including the usual suspects like Humble Store, GOG, and Steam.Article from

KDE Plasma 5.18 LTS Desktop Environment Officially Released

2020-02-12 17:00:00

Four months in development, the KDE Plasma 5.18 release is the second LTS (Long Term Support) for the popular Linux desktop environment

What is Ransomware?

2020-02-12 16:53:13

Ransomware has been one of the scariest topics in cybersecurity for years – and for good reason. Living up to its name, ransomware is a type of malware where a bad actor blocks access to data or applications until payment is received. In other words, it turns hackers into kidnappers of your information. And much like a kidnapping, there is no guarantee that paying the ransom will result in a happy ending. It may sound like paranoia or something out of an episode of Black Mirror – and yes, they have done a ransomware episode. Continue reading What is Ransomware? at Sucuri Blog.

Raspberry Pi 4: Chronicling the Desktop Experience – Screen Capture – Week 16

2020-02-12 16:31:17

For this week’s blog, I turn to a desktop activity that I use fairly frequently. It’s screen capturing – offering the ability to share images on my computer screen with a colleague or friend. Recording a video or screencast might be snazzier, but a still-image screen capture, known as a screenshot, is often all I need to get the message across.

5G Adoption Should Change How Organizations Approach Security

2020-02-12 16:20:00

With 5G adoption, businesses will be able to power more IoT devices and perform tasks more quickly, but there will be security ramifications.

WhatsApp defends encryption as it tops 2 billion users

2020-02-12 16:02:45

The Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp said Wednesday it now has more than two billion users around the world as it reaffirmed its commitment to strong encryption to protect privacy.

Deepfakes: Five ways in which they are brilliant business opportunities

2020-02-12 15:40:08

A visitor to The Dalí Museum in St Petersburg, Florida presses a doorbell beside a dark life-sized screen. A darkened figure wearing a dapper suit and sporting a pencil mustache slowly leaves his easel and comes toward her into the light.

Whoops, Linux 5.5 Missed Some "Critical" Intel Graphics Driver Patches

2020-02-12 15:38:44

While Linux 5.5 is out in the wild now as the latest stable version of the Linux kernel, it turns out some Intel kernel graphics driver patches were overlooked and this can spell trouble for some users...

Second wind: New technology to help diagnose and manage respiratory diseases

2020-02-12 15:30:39

Monash University researchers in Australia have developed radical non-invasive technology that can be used to diagnose respiratory lung diseases, such as cystic fibrosis and lung cancer, and potentially fast-track treatments for patients.

How kirigami can help us study the muscular activity of athletes

2020-02-12 15:29:17

The upcoming Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020 represent a big opportunity for governments to promote a healthy lifestyle and sports, and the turn of the decade is a great opportunity to showcase how recent technological developments can be used to help us understand human motion during sports. In this regard, the combination of high-speed cameras and surface electromyographic sensors, which record the electromyographic activity of palm muscles, has been employed to obtain a better understanding of the fine control athletes and sportspeople exert on their palm muscles.

How to use byobu to multiplex SSH sessions

2020-02-12 15:16:57

Byobu is a text-based window manager and terminal multiplexer. It's similar to GNU Screen but more modern and more intuitive. It also works on most Linux, BSD, and Mac distributions.Byobu allows you to maintain multiple terminal windows, connect via SSH (secure shell), disconnect, reconnect, and even let other people access it, all while keeping the session more

Chaos & Order: The Keys to Quantum-Proof Encryption

2020-02-12 15:00:00

The implications of chaos form the basis of a new approach to encryption that promises quantum-proof perfect secrecy. But first, your current crypto needs some tidying up.

5 Common Errors That Allow Attackers to Go Undetected

2020-02-12 15:00:00

Make these mistakes and invaders might linger in your systems for years.

The epicenter of law enforcement's battle to unlock encrypted smartphones

2020-02-12 14:59:55

Inside a steel-encased vault in lower Manhattan, investigators are bombarding an Apple iPhone 7 with a jumble of numerical codes generated by nearby computers.

Training robots to identify object placements by 'hallucinating' scenes

2020-02-12 14:40:02

With more robots now making their way into a number of settings, researchers are trying to make their interactions with humans as smooth and natural as possible. Training robots to respond immediately to spoken instructions, such as "pick up the glass, move it to the right," etc., would be ideal in many situations, as it would ultimately enable more direct and intuitive human-robot interactions. However, this is not always easy, as it requires the robot to understand a user's instructions, but also to know how to move objects in accordance with specific spatial relations.

Valve has banned tens of thousands of Dota 2 accounts as they tweak their smurf detection

2020-02-12 14:06:25

Tags: Steam, Free Game, MOBA, ValveUnfortunately, in any online game (especially a free one) you're going to get many forms of abusive behaviour. One such problem in Dota 2 is 'smurf' accounts and Valve are attempting to deal with it. A smurf account is where an experienced player will make another account, to then stomp all over less experienced players and ruin their fun. It is a nuisance, it can completely ruin games and no doubt turns away plenty of potential fans. Valve are aware and they've blogged a few times recently about their plans to improve Dota 2's matchmaking and detection systems a lot of which is already live. During this, they announced on Twitter yesterday that they have "banned over 40,000 accounts for players who were found abusing matchmaking" which will show "as game bans in Steam as well as being matchmaking bans in Dota 2". Additionally, on the official Dota 2 blog they announced that their 'smurf detection system' was being made more sensitive to go after more accounts. With all this, we could be seeing more regular ban waves coming in. Policing online games as popular as Dota 2 is always going to be an uphill battle, at least it seems Valve are steadily trying to improve it for the majority of players. You can play Dota 2 free on Steam.Article from

Download: Definitive 'IR Management and Reporting' Presentation Template

2020-02-12 13:35:39

The realistic approach to security is that incidents occur. While ideally, the CISO would want to prevent all of them, in practice, some will succeed to a certain degree—making the ability to efficiently manage an incident response process a mandatory skill for any CISO. Moreover, apart from the management of the actual response process, the CISO must also be able to efficiently communicate

Emotet Malware Now Hacks Nearby Wi-Fi Networks to Infect New Victims

2020-02-12 12:47:20

Emotet, the notorious trojan behind a number of botnet-driven spam campaigns and ransomware attacks, has found a new attack vector: using already infected devices to identify new victims that are connected to nearby Wi-Fi networks. According to researchers at Binary Defense, the newly discovered Emotet sample leverages a "Wi-Fi spreader" module to scan Wi-Fi networks, and then attempts to

5 Tips for Better Gaming Performance on Linux

2020-02-12 12:46:24

In today’s article, we’ll give you some tips on how to enhance your gaming performance regardless of how you are running them.

Bronze Age pixel-art RTS 'The Fertile Crescent' has a bunch of visual upgrades

2020-02-12 12:18:38

Tags: Indie Game, Free Game, Unity, Strategy,, Pixel Graphics, Update, RTSContinuing to grow into quite a fantastic little free real-time strategy game, The Fertile Crescent has gone through a few visual upgrades lately. The Fertile Crescent is a Real Time Strategy game set during the Bronze Age in the Ancient Near East. Inspired by the rise and fall of Bronze Age civilisations, you must manage the delicate balance between food surplus and the maintenance of your army. These upgrades are mainly for how your units on the field look when upgraded. Like certain other games do, when you upgrade units they will now be visually different to show this. Giving you an immediate and handy look into how your enemy is doing and vice versa. So now you will see units change art when you upgrade to copper and bronze, a Bowman's bow visually changes when you research Composite Bow, sound effects were added for constructing buildings and also the Scout/Javelinman idle animations were redone to help see the difference between other units. Some other units also had a few animations re-done, they said aim with all these little graphics and animation changes are to better help players see things at a glance as you often need to react quickly in an RTS. The AI was improved on its aggressiveness, the team colour shader was improved, AI defenders will no longer start moving back to guard position if there are still enemy units nearby, a bunch of typos in the text were fixed and plenty of bug fixes. Additionally, they've enabled Unity Analytics which is something to be aware of. They say it's to get error reports and get statistics on games played/completed and so on so they can see where to focus their effort. While I don't mind such things usually, especially for an in-development game, there's no in-game option to turn it off currently. Update: They disabled Unity Analytics for now. Such a sweet RTS that really does give a feel of classic Age of Empires with a new twist thanks to the way you need to stock up on Food. Challenging, can be played offline against the AI and online against others. Pretty amazing it's still free really considering how good it is. You can find The Fertile Crescent free on from

Videos From KDE Talks at FOSDEM

2020-02-12 12:13:37

FOSDEM is one of the world's largest Free software conferences and was held last weekend in Brussels. There were hundreds of talks and videos are available for most of them. KDE had a stall there and KDE contributors delivered three talks spread between different devrooms. Rendering QML to make videos in Kdenlive With Akhil Gangadharan Kurungadathil How QML, a language prominently used for designing UI, could be used to create title video clips containing text and/or images. The videos can then be rendered and composited over other videos in the video-editing process. Kdenlive's Google Summer of Code 2019 project tried to achieve this and is still under active development. QML is used primarily for UI development in Qt Applications. It provides an easy way of designing and creating interactive, clean and a modern UI. Kdenlive is a popular non-linear open-source video editor and it currently makes use of XML to describe title clips -- clips which contain text or images used to composite over videos. XML requires more processing in the backend as one needs to explicitly write code for, say an animation of the text. Using QML eases this restriction, making the backend more robust and maintainable as rendering in QML makes use of a dedicated Qt Scene Graph. Kdenlive's Google Summer of Code 2019 student Akhil Gangadharan Kurungadathil tried to achieve this by creating a new rendering backend library and a new MLT QML producer which is still under active development. Owing to the dedicated scene graph while rendering, this could also possibly lead to greater overall performance. KDE on FreeBSD With Adriaan de Groot The state of KDE (the Plasma desktop and applications) on FreeBSD, what works, what needs better support lower in the stack. How do we get rid of HAL? KDE Itinerary With Volker Krause A privacy by design travel assistant.

AMD Volleys Third Revision To Sensor Fusion Hub Linux Driver

2020-02-12 12:01:59

One of the letdowns of the forthcoming Linux 5.6 kernel is that AMD's long-awaited Sensor Fusion Hub "SFH" open-source driver wasn't ready in time for merging this cycle, but it continues moving forward with hopes of seeing it in Linux 5.7...

Linux Kernel Continues Prepping For RISC-V's Updated Supervisor Binary Interface

2020-02-12 11:30:51

RISC-V's Supervisor Binary Interface "SBI" is the interface between the platform-specific firmware and the running operating system or hypervisor for interacting with the supervisor execution environment in the higher privileged mode. The Linux kernel has been working to support a newer version of the SBI that is more extensible moving forward...

Fun looking fast-paced grid-fighter 'EndCycle VS' plans to support Linux

2020-02-12 10:45:01

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Upcoming, Strategy, Action, Early Access, Deck-builderWith combat looking similar to (and likely inspired by) Mega Man Battle Network, EndCycle VS is another modern attempt to create a fun grid-fighter. Reminding me instantly of One Step From Eden as well, another upcoming game but EndCycle VS looks unique enough. A fast-paced fighting game, that needs you to use your head a bit with the battlefield grid. With both single-player and multi-player, it's definitely sounding good. The great news is that they're planning Linux support too, as confirmed on Twitter. Have a look at what to expect: Watch video on Feature Highlight: Build your very own deck and create a unique playstyle, by combining attacks and styling them with your own effects making for... if our calculations are correct... more than infinite combinations!!! Alter the battlefield and use it to your advantage! Choose from several characters, or bring your very own sprite into the game! With the included modding tools, you can create unique servers with their own rules. Giant battlefield, cannon attacks only? Sure! Tiny battlefield, 1-Hit K.O? Absolutely! Every player is a squirrel and the soundtrack consists of bagpipes? ... If you must. Create GIFs with the provided GIF recorder, that lets you record events after they've happened. With the Discord integration you can see who's currently in-game, looking for a fight, or even view current fight results on the go! Customize your favorite characters in your own color palette! Going to have to keep an eye on it, going over some of the user-reviews paints quite a beautiful picture with people spending quite some hours in it and enjoying it. You can wishlist and follow on Steam. Hat tip to NuSuey.Article from

Logitech Wheel manager 'Oversteer' has a huge new release - also check out 'new-lg4ff' for more features

2020-02-12 10:24:38

Tags: Open Source, Drivers, AppsOversteer is quite possibly one of my favourite open source applications, as it's made working with my own Logitech G29 a really great experience. As a reminder, it supports a ton of Logitech wheels on Linux including the G25, G27, G29, G920, Driving Force Pro, Driving Force GT and so on. If the Logitech Linux driver works with it, then Oversteer should be good to go. Within the last week, the developer put up quite a big new release. This includes a new interface, settings you can't use are now disabled, it has integrated tests so you can ensure everything is working without the need for another application, Wheel Range can now be adjusted using buttons on the wheel which can be configured and changing compatibility modes is faster. The same developer has also been working on "new-lg4ff", an experimental Logitech Force Feedback module with more advanced features. If you have it installed and setup, Oversteer will detect it and give you access to these extra features like: Combine accelerator and clutch in the same axis. Useful for flight simulators. Adjustable conditional effects levels: spring, damper and friction. Real-time monitoring of total force effects applied using the wheel leds and/or the overlay window. Adjustable global force feedback gain that gets combined with the gain set by applications. Another handy addition is the ability to have an "overlay window" that shows the wheel range over the game screen with buttons to quickly change it. Requires a little tinkering though, as it's an application window not something that adds extras into a game (it's not a HUD), so you might need to change your game to stay below other applications to get the rotation overlay to stay on top. Here's an example: Wonderful we have such an incredibly easy to use tool. Nice to see it continue to get better! You can check out Oversteer on GitHub.Article from

Open-Source Nouveau Extended To Support The GeForce 16 Series With Hardware Acceleration

2020-02-12 09:49:34

With the big Linux 5.6 kernel on the open-source NVIDIA "Nouveau" driver side there is finally accelerated support for the GeForce RTX 2000 "Turing" graphics cards (when paired with binary-only microcode). With that initial cut support is no GeForce 16 series Turing support, but that is now on-deck for Linux 5.7...

Medieval siege engine builder 'Besiege' leaving Early Access on Feb 18 - price to rise

2020-02-12 09:36:30

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Upcoming, Humble Store, Sandbox, Early Access, GOGSpiderling Studios have announced their physics-based medieval siege engine builder, Besiege, is leaving Early Access on February 18 and the price is going to rise. The big 1.0 update is going to finish up the single-player campaign with a whole new island named Krolmar. What they say is an "ancient & mysterious desert island" full of more fortresses for you to annihilate. They're also promising "secret magics to unravel" along with "stunning visuals and challenging levels". We're also going to get a bunch of new blocks to play with in a whole new category, with Logic and Automation. So we will be able to push a button and have things run in a sequence or use sensor blocks to pick things up and then cause mayhem. Sounds like a blast. As for the price rise, they said it will happen after 1.0 hits but they didn't say exactly how much it would be in their announcements. If you've been looking to pick it up, now is obviously a good time before you might have to pay quite a bit more. Spiderling mentioned that they're going to continue working on Besiege for the foreseeable future, with improvements planned and they're prototyping some fun sounding experimental features too. You can grab it on Humble Store, GOG and Steam.Article from

Startup Mycroft AI declares it will fight 'patent troll' tooth and nail after its Linux voice-assistant attracts lawsuit

2020-02-12 09:16:11

OK Google, a little help here? An AI startup is battling a patent-infringement lawsuit filed against it for building an open-source Linux-based voice-controlled assistant.…

One More Linux Distro Tries to Convince Windows Users to Make the Switch

2020-02-12 07:38:00

With Windows 7 already discontinued, it kind of makes sense for Linux operating systems to go after Microsoft users, and in addition to Canonical and several others, the Freespire developers also attempt to convince some to make the switch. The team has recently released Freespire 6.0 running the MATE desktop, with the KDE version coming soon. “This release is our FOSS solution, with no binary-only drivers or multimedia codecs included and strictly Libre applications. Freespire is released bi-annually and showcases the best that the open-source community has to offer. Our users enjoy a multitude of different desktops - for this release we are releasing the MATE desktop first; KDE comes next, keep an eye out for it,” the Freespire devs explain. The new version comes with MATE 1.20 and kernel version 5.3.0-28 and includes the Chromium web browser and Abiword. Moving to Linux

Linux Kernel Seeing Work To Implement MEMFD "Secret Memory Areas"

2020-02-12 07:00:00

There is experimental work pending that plumbs support into MEMFD for creating "secret" memory areas. This secret memory support would then be exposed to user-space for different use-cases...

Wayland 1.18 Released With Meson Support, Other Minor Changes

2020-02-12 05:00:00

Wayland 1.18 is out today as the first update to the core Wayland code in nearly one year...

DSA-4621 openjdk-8

2020-02-11 23:00:00

security update

DSA-4620 firefox-esr

2020-02-11 23:00:00

security update

Healthcare Ransomware Damage Passes $157M Since 2016

2020-02-11 22:15:00

Researchers found the total cost far exceeded the amount of ransom paid to attackers.

Making The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X Run Even Faster - By Loading Up Intel's Clear Linux

2020-02-11 22:00:00

One of the interesting takeaways from my pre-launch briefing with AMD on the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X was AMD representatives actually recommending Clear Linux for use on this 64-core / 128-thread HEDT processor and the platform to which they've found the best performance. Yet, Clear Linux is an Intel open-source project. In any case, here are benchmarks of how Clear Linux performs against other Linux distributions on the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X within the System76 Thelio Major. And, holy crap, with the Threadripper 3990X on Clear Linux I managed to build the x86_64 default Linux kernel in under 20 seconds!

Microsoft Patches Exploited Internet Explorer Flaw

2020-02-11 21:15:00

This month's Patch Tuesday brings fixes for 99 CVEs, including one IE flaw seen exploited in the wild.

Kubernetes administration policy made easy with brewOPA

2020-02-11 21:07:00

Administering policies across Kubernetes and other cloud native environments isn't easy. Now, Cyral wants to take the trouble out of the job with brewOPA.

Update Microsoft Windows Systems to Patch 99 New Security Flaws

2020-02-11 20:04:43

A few hours after Adobe today released security updates for five of its widely-distributed software, Microsoft also issued its February 2020 Patch Tuesday edition with patches for a total of 99 new vulnerabilities. According to the advisories, 12 of the total issues patched by the tech giant this month are critical in severity, and the remaining 87 have been listed as important. Five of the

MATE Desktop 1.24 Release Arrives with a Slew of Improvements

2020-02-11 19:33:00

A new version of the MATE desktop has been released and in this post —yes the one you’re reading right now— I recap some of the changes being offered in the MATE 1.24 release. Not […] This post, MATE Desktop 1.24 Release Arrives with a Slew of Improvements, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

Mayhem in Single Valley is apparently Stranger Things meets Zelda with radioactive squirrels

2020-02-11 19:23:31

Tags: Steam, Upcoming, Adventure, Action, RPGAfter being teased last year which we picked up on, the action-adventure Mayhem in Single Valley has now seen a full announcement and a publishing partner. Releasing sometime this year and being shown off at PAX East, developer Fluxscopic has teamed up with tinyBuild to help bring it to its full potential. Mayhem in Single Valley is a "thoughtful" top-down action adventure, mixing in exploration with combat and puzzles which they claim will give an "emotional" gameplay experience. Also something about a radioactive spillage which gets into the local river and it all goes to hell. Check out their brand new trailer below: Watch video on What tinyBuild said it will feature: Mayhem in a Single Valley is a thoughtful top-down action-adventure of an epic scale From downtown to the underground caves, from secret labs to the broken version of reality... and many more locations in gorgeous pixel art Dozens of unique puzzles, based on physics, light and more A twisted story, full of weird and wonderful fleshed-out characters Enemies and NPCs have a variety of motivations and fears, use them to your advantage Plane crashes, car chases, making clones of yourself... Oh, did we already mention radioactive squirrels? Additionally, Fluxscopic said to expect "JJ Abrams-esque secret stuff I can't speak about right now". Looks and sounds both weird and amusing. The developer confirmed to us in our previous article that it should release for Linux, today they indicated (Twitter) that's still the case too. You can wishlist/follow it on Steam.Article from

The Steam Soundtrack Sale is now live to celebrate the new dedicated Soundtrack feature

2020-02-11 19:08:53

Tags: Steam, MusicWhat was originally supposed to launch last month, the Steam Soundtrack Sale is now live as Valve celebrate the new feature of the Steam store and client dedicated to Soundtracks. As a brief reminder, for developers who do upgrade their DLC to a Soundtrack it means that people can purchase it and download without needing the whole game. It's a nice touch and a much better way to do it, might even give developers a boost in sales. Having a dedicated music folder is nice so you don't need to hunt down inside each game to find the files. Anyway, it's a massive improvement on the old system and shows how Valve keep improving for the benefit of users. There's an issue with the new system though if you're on the Linux Beta client, as the Play Album button doesn't work which might be linked to a recent issue I reported where the Manage Screenshots button doesn't work. If you see that issue, reverting to the normal Steam client will fix it. Hopefully Valve will fix that before the current Beta updates go live for everyone. What are some of your favourite game soundtracks? Give your fellow GOL readers some suggestions on what to pick up in the comments. Steam already has well over 900 DLC converted to this new format, so there's a huge amount to pick from. If you want to just play around with it soundtracks from multiple Valve games are free including Portal, Portal 2, Half-Life, Half-Life 2 and more. You can see the deciated sale page here.Article from

Why Ransomware Will Soon Target the Cloud

2020-02-11 19:00:00

As businesses' daily operations become more dependent on cloud services, ransomware authors will follow to maximize profits. The good news: Many of the best practices for physical servers also apply to the cloud.

Building a Linux desktop, CERN powered by Ceph, and more industry trends

2020-02-11 18:15:00

As part of my role as a senior product marketing manager at an enterprise software company with an open source development model, I publish a regular update about open source community, market, and industry trends for product marketers, managers, and other influencers. Here are five of my and their favorite articles from that update. read more

Adobe Releases Patches for Dozens of Critical Flaws in 5 Software

2020-02-11 17:43:34

Here comes the second 'Patch Tuesday' of this year. Adobe today released the latest security updates for five of its widely used software that patch a total of 42 newly discovered vulnerabilities, 35 of which are critical in severity. The first four of the total five affected software, all listed below, are vulnerable to at least one critical arbitrary code execution vulnerability that could

Distribution Release: Tails 4.3

2020-02-11 17:17:37

A new version of Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) has been released. This Debian-based distribution strives to help users communicate securely and browse the web anonymously. The project's latest release, Tails 4.3, includes several key package upgrades along with fixes to the upgrade process interface. "Tails 4.3....

Cybercriminals Swap Phishing for Credential Abuse, Vuln Exploits

2020-02-11 17:10:00

Infection vectors were evenly divided among phishing, vulnerability exploitation, and unauthorized credential use in 2019.

Macs See More Adware, Unwanted Apps Than PCs

2020-02-11 16:30:00

The latest data from Malwarebytes show the average Mac sees almost twice as many bad apps as Windows systems, but actual malware continues to be scarce.

Godot Engine enters new territory with Vulkan API support merged in for the upcoming 4.0 release

2020-02-11 16:25:13

Tags: Game Engine, Vulkan, Godot EngineWhile not actually released yet and not due until later this year with Godot Engine 4.0, the Vulkan parts have now been merged into the main Godot project. In a new blog post on the official site written by Godot's Project Manager, Rémi Verschelde, it goes over what this means. In short: it's all highly unstable but now it's in the main branch, they can continue pushing Vulkan forwards and updating all parts of Godot required for it. We plan to rework a lot of Godot's internals (core) to allow fixing long-standing design issues and improving performance (including GDScript performance improvements). Moreover, our long-awaited port to C++14 will also happen now that the vulkan branch is merged into master, and many other codebase-wide changes were waiting for this: code style changes, Display/OS split, renaming of 3D nodes to unify our conventions, etc. Rémi Verschelde Having the Vulkan code in a separate branch could only work for so long, before it would cause too many issues. Going forward, they're going to remove the GLES3 support and port GLES2 to the new RenderingDevice API as the backup for devices that don't support Vulkan. If you missed why they're using GLES2 instead of GLES3 that was explained a while ago—terrible driver support being the main issue. They're also going to be doing some cleaning up, closing all current pull requests and asking the authors to make sure it's still needed and approved by their Godot Improvement Proposals staging area. Well, that's one way to clean up hundreds of lingering pull requests. Learn more about Godot Engine on the official site. It's free to use to make games and applications, with no need to pay royalties to Godot like some other game engines require.Article from

What Are Some Basic Ways to Protect My Global Supply Chain?

2020-02-11 16:25:00

Assessing supply chains is one of the more challenging third-party risk management endeavors organizations can take on.