Preview: Jupiter Hell, the modern roguelike and spiritual successor to DRL (Doom the roguelike)

2018-12-16 17:28:27

The Tyranids are coming to Warhammer 40,000: Gladius in January

2018-12-16 16:22:35

How to install Audacity on Ubuntu 18.04

2018-12-16 16:01:24

How many passwords can you remember? Get ready to remember more

2018-12-16 15:23:53

Got too many passwords to remember? Just wait. It's going to get a lot worse.

Preview: Overland, the squad-based survival strategy game is to release in full next year

2018-12-16 14:44:40

Tags: Update, Indie Game, Early Access, Strategy, PreviewOverland, a stylish strategy game where every single step counts is due for a full release next year and it's looking good. It's been quite some time since we talked about it, as we previously highlighted way back in 2016. Since then, it's obviously had a lot of spit and polish. Note: Copy personally purchased. Recently, the developer Finji, which is the same team responsible for Canabalt along with a publishing hand for titles like Night in the Woods, FEIST and more has started talking about the full release due next year. I'm assuming early next year, given how they're talking about it more often now. Set in a post-apocalyptic North America, it's a pretty difficult game. One where every decision you make will truly count and you often need to make some hard choices about leaving people behind. It's very easy to learn though, it's beauty isn't just from the art style but the simplicity of it so anyone can jump in. I said it's difficult though and I meant it, I've completely failed in it so many times I've lost count. It's quite punishing! A game that's difficult to master and rather unforgiving. All bets are placed against you, with you start off with nothing requiring you to scavenge for supplies and people as you travel across North America. It's essentially a moody road-trip sim with survival strategy gameplay cut into small sections. Recently, the game had an update to improve the UI and it's looking really sweet. The UI stays out of you way, only coming up when you need it and it does seem to work quite well. Their current trailer is a little old, so I decided to give it my best shot and capture some up to date footage. I've never had a run that's gone well, it always ends in a massive disaster. Watch video on As you can tell, every single actions needs you to weigh up the risks and rewards. If you spend too long or make noise, the creatures will smash through the ground and swarm you. It's not impossible but it's certainly very tricky. Protecting your vehicle is paramount, while you can find another if yours blows up or you're forced to flee from it to avoid death, keeping one going is a lot easier and takes less time away from scavenging. Since there's no full-on tutorial, a lot of it is trial and error too. Considering the mechanics are quite simple, I think it works here if you don't mind a little initial frustration. The atmosphere and style to it is fantastic, can't wait to jump back in for another run. It's currently in First Access, which is basically itch's form of Early Access so you can buy it and play it now on Linux. Find it on the official site and (shout out to the handy itch app to keep it up to date for me), no doubt it will also be on Steam with the full launch next year.

Sparky SU 0.1.0

2018-12-16 13:50:55

This tool provides Yad based front-end for su (spsu) allowing users to give a password and run graphical commands as root without needing to invoke su in a terminal emulator. It can be used as a Gksu replacement to run any application as root. read more

Firefox On KDE Now Supports Native Open/Save Dialogs

2018-12-16 13:42:18

While the holiday season is upon us, the KDE development pace hasn't slowed down with this past week seeing a number of exciting improvements to the Plasma desktop and KDE applications...

The impressive ATOM RPG is to leave Early Access on December 19th

2018-12-16 13:32:00

Tags: Indie Game, RPG, Early Access, SteamAfter little over a year in Early Access after a successful Kickstarter campaign, the surprisingly impressive ATOM RPG is about to release in full. Mark December 19th on your calendar, as ATOM RPG seems to have a few surprises ready for the full release. This will include a third global map, which takes place in a mutant-ridden metropolis named Dead city; plenty of new NPCs and quests; you can drive cars across the wasteland; new dungeons to explore; new traits for characters and a new end-game cinematic. For anyone who purchased during Early Access, they will be given a special "veteran’s kit" as well, although no details on what it is. I'm quite excited to jump into the full game. One time I'm more than happy to be surprised, I honestly didn't think it would end up as good as it is. Players on Steam seem to agree with me too, with it sitting at a "Very Positive" rating overall with the recent set of reviews being "Overwhelmingly Positive". Hopefully the full release isn't the end, would be great to see them continue to expand this one it feels like a game that deserves plenty of attention from players, while also seeing a long and healthy lifespan with updates. You can find ATOM RPG on Steam.

Leftovers: Linux in the Ham Shack and Golden Age of the iPhone Is Ending

2018-12-16 13:24:49

LHS Episode #264: The Weekender XXI Welcome to the 21st Weekender episode of Linux in the Ham Shack. This time around, we talk about the few contests and special event stations that are around for December. We also touch on Linux distros to try, things to do in the amateur radio and open source world and then we dive straight into hedonism, discussing good food, good music and good spirits. Thank you for listening and Happy Holidays. The Golden Age of the iPhone Is Ending Apple’s premier gadget faces a less certain future than ever as the market shifts under its feet. read more

VK9 Now Can Run Unreal Tournament 99, Works With AMD Binary Driver

2018-12-16 13:08:40

Christopher Schaefer has released a new version of his VK9 project that is translating Direct3D 9 to Vulkan, similar to DXVK and in fact the original project in this space for handling D3D on toop of VLK...

Download User Guide Books of All Ubuntu Flavors

2018-12-16 12:46:20

This is a compilation of download information of user guide books of Ubuntu and the 5 Official Flavors (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, and Ubuntu Studio). You can find either complete user guides (even for server edition), installation guide, or tutorials compilation; either in PDF or HTML format; plus where to purchase two official ebooks of Ubuntu MATE. On the end of this tutorial, I included how to download the HTML-only documentation so you can read it completely offline. I hope you will find all of books useful and you can print them out yourself. Get the books, print them, share with your friends, read and learn Ubuntu All Flavors. read more

Games: Desert Child, KKnD, Twice Circled

2018-12-16 12:43:35

Desert Child Now Available on Linux, PC, and Mac OS Akupara Games is here with an all-new game that blends a mix of hoverbikes with shooting and racing alongside high-resolution pixel art. It's odd to see a game try so many different genres, but Desert Child does that and more. Adventure games are also covered, as you have to go from place to place and explore the world. Your overall goal is to leave Earth before it blows up, and winning the Grand Prix allows you to go to Mars and escape the planet. The KKnD remake using the OpenRA engine has a first release out KKnD, the classic strategy game is being revived and the new open source project has the first release out. I was going to write this up last night, but it seems I jumped the gun a bit before they had all the bits in place. Nice to see such quick and polite communication from their team though. Unlike Red Alert and the other titles served by OpenRA, KKnD and KKnD 2 were not made freeware. You will still need the games for the full experience. However, this remake will download the demo files for you to get you going. The lovely aquarium building game Megaquarium just had a big update Twice Circled are adding in plenty of new features to Megaquarium as promised, with a major update now available. read more

Debian Installer Buster Alpha 4 release

2018-12-16 12:40:43

The Debian Installer team[1] is pleased to announce the fourth alpha release of the installer for Debian 10 "Buster". Foreword ======== I'd like to start by thanking Christian Perrier, who spent many years working on Debian Installer, especially on internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) topics. One might remember graphs and blog posts on Planet Debian with statistics; keeping track of those numbers could look like a pure mathematical topic, but having uptodate translations is a key part of having a Debian Installer that is accessible for most users. Thank you so much, Christian! Also: Debian Installer Buster Alpha 4 Released read more

VK9, the project that aims to support Direct3D 9 over Vulkan has hit another milestone

2018-12-16 12:25:01

Tags: VulkanThe developer of VK9, another rather interesting compatibility layer has advanced further with the announcement of another completed milestone. Much like DXVK, it aims to push Direct3D over to Vulkan, while DXVK focuses on D3D11 and D3D10 the VK9 project is fixed on D3D9. Writing about hitting the 29th milestone, the developer said this on their blog: VK9 has reached it's 29th milestone. Reaching this milestone required further shader enhancements including support for applications which set a vertex shader but no pixel shader. In addition to this there are a number of fixes including proper NOOVERWRITE support which fixed the graphical corruption in UT99. This release also no longer depends on the push descriptor extension so VK9 should now be compatible with the closed source AMD driver. New 32bit and 64bit builds are available on Github. Always fun to watch these projects progress, give it another year and it will be exciting to see what we can do with it. They have quite a few milestones left to achieve, which you can find on the Roadmap. Find it on GitHub.

Cryptocurrency manipulation schemes could be found and foiled by new algorithm

2018-12-16 12:21:14

Imperial scientists have created an algorithm to predict when specific cryptocoins are at risk of 'pump-and-dump' schemes.

The lovely aquarium building game Megaquarium just had a big update

2018-12-16 11:36:51

Tags: Steam, Humble Store, Indie Game, Simulation, StrategyTwice Circled are adding in plenty of new features to Megaquarium as promised, with a major update now available. Update v1.1.6 was released yesterday, adding in some community-requested features. First, managing staff has become a lot easier with a new part of the UI along with a new zoning tool: Things did get a bit messy before when you had a number of staff, so the improved Manage staff part of the UI along with this refreshed zoning tool should make it a ton easier for those with a large aquarium. To spice up your creative juices, there's a new large curved tank available, the Chicago tank!  Additionally, there's new large decorations like a shipwreck, a big skull and so on. I'm really glad they're adding more, as I felt the decoration choice was initially a bit lacking but this does make it a lot more interesting. They've also been hard at work on Steam Cloud support, with that in place they're also going to work in Steam Workshop support which they plan to release early next year. That sounds fun, these types of games always end up benefiting a lot from user-made content to extend them. You can grab a copy on Humble Store and Steam.

Server: Kubernetes, SUSE, WordPress and Moving to Jekyll

2018-12-16 11:15:40

Kubernetes’ sprawling ecosystem offers lots of choice – and risk If your organization is ready to go all in on the Kubernetes orchestration manager and you’re looking for a way to package applications for easy deployment, you’ll probably gravitate to Helm, an open-source project incubating within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Unlocking the Skills Shortage Dilemma for IT Transformation WordPress 5.0.1 While I missed the WordPress 5.0 release, it was only a few more days before there was a security release out. So WordPress 5.0.1 will be available in Debian soon. This is both a security update from 5.0.1 and a huge feature update from the 4.9.x versions to the 5.0 versions. Moved to Jekyll WordPress was actually quite good to me and quite easy to maintain and use. As uncomplicated as the Jekyll approach is, aided by its usage of convention to just do the smart thing, there’s still a fair bit of setup and playing around you need to do to get Jekyll sorted out. read more

Debian Installer Buster Alpha 4 Released

2018-12-16 11:03:12

The Debian installer team has presented their fourth alpha release of the Debian Installer preparing for the 10.0 "Buster" release...

The KKnD remake using the OpenRA engine has a first release out

2018-12-16 11:01:17

Tags: Open Source, StrategyKKnD, the classic strategy game is being revived and the new open source project has the first release out. I was going to write this up last night, but it seems I jumped the gun a bit before they had all the bits in place. Nice to see such quick and polite communication from their team though. Unlike Red Alert and the other titles served by OpenRA, KKnD and KKnD 2 were not made freeware. You will still need the games for the full experience. However, this remake will download the demo files for you to get you going. Testing it out and it does seem to work reasonably well, even on my Intel laptop so that's nice: Considering I couldn't really grasp it when I tried it so many years ago (I was only around 9-10 years old when it originally released), I'm hoping to properly see what it's all about thanks to this. Yet another reason why I love open source remakes! Not just reviving older games with new features and improved support for higher resolutions and so on, it's the fact that I get to replay a game from my favourite genre on the operating system of my choice. Anyway, enough rambling. To download it, their AppImage is pretty handy from the release post on GitHub. See more about it on GitHub or the official site. If you want the full game to access music, movies and so on you can find it on GOG. Hopefully with the OpenRA game engine maturing, more projects can pop up like this to revive some other classic RTS games. I'm longing for an updated Dark Reign and the OpenRA game engine would work for it, someone make it happen.

Confluent 'Closing Down' in the Face of 'Cloud' Exploitation

2018-12-16 10:45:56

After Amazon’s cloud encroaches on its turf, a startup is taking a stand: Open source can’t be ‘free and unsustainable R&D’ for tech giants In late November, Amazon Web Services announced it would sell a new service on its market-leading cloud called Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka — a service that provides software that Amazon didn't create itself. This new service is based on Apache Kafka, an open source software project for handling large amounts of streaming data. AWS took Kafka and repackaged it as a paid cloud service — something completely legal, as open source software is free for anyone to use as they wish. Originally created at LinkedIn, the engineers who started Kafka made their own company around the software, called Confluent. At the time the service was revealed, Confluent CEO Jay Kreps told Business Insider that it wasn't worried about Amazon's move, saying "I don't think this announcement will impact our business." Concerned about cloud providers, Confluent becomes latest open-source company to set new restrictions on usage Another open-source enterprise technology company is walling off parts of its software from cloud infrastructure providers. Confluent announced Friday morning that it is changing the terms of the licenses around several of the real-time data streaming open-source projects it has developed. Several components will no longer be available under the widely used and very permissible Apache 2.0 license: instead, they will be offered under a new license called Confluent Community License that is very similar to the Apache 2.0 license except for a clear restriction on providing KSQL and several other components as cloud services. read more

Databases: Cassandra/Instaclustr and MariaDB

2018-12-16 10:44:18

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Cassandra integrations from Instaclustr Open-source managed solutions-as-a-service company Instaclustr wants to address some gaps in a few key integrations for the Apache Cassandra database management solution with the announcement of three new open-source projects. The first piece of the problem was finding a way for Kubernetes to more fully integrate with Cassandra. This is where the company’s newly announced open-source Cassandra operator comes in, it explained. “While running Cassandra on Kubernetes can be relatively simple to begin with, Kubernetes provides only a limited understanding of database functionality: it’s blind to key details of the database being written to, and has incomplete capabilities for storing data in-state,” the company wrote in the release announcement. What is a software ‘connector’? Open source news to end the week looks to the somewhat incongruous connection between Menlo Park California and Helsinki — it can only be MariaDB Corporation with that HQ combo. Updates to end 2018 see the new availability of the MariaDB Connector for Node.js, giving developers a method to build Node.js applications on top of MariaDB’s enterprise relational database. MariaDB uses pluggable, purpose-built storage engines to support workloads that previously required a variety of specialised databases. Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser. read more

Openwashing: Bloomberg, Pimcore, Microsoft, Facebook and More

2018-12-16 10:13:42

It’s not what IT use to be: Inside Bloomberg’s open-source IT shop Things aren’t what they used to be in information technology. Legacy vendors, and even proprietary startups, have swift competition from open-source communities. The pace of innovation, new releases and updates in open-source is changing how IT teams build infrastructure and applications. Bloomberg LP figured this out through a time-and-resource draining exercise readers are likely familiar with: building a data-science platform. Pimcore closes $3.5M for its open-source data platform to expand in the US Pimcore, an open-source platform for data and customer experience management which has emerged out of Austria, has closed $3.5 million in a Series A funding led by German Auctus Capital Partners AG. The funding will be used for its U.S. expansion. How Python made it big at Microsoft [Ed: Mac Asay is a Microsoft tool.] What is CNAB? Inside Docker and Microsoft's new open source standard [Ed: Docker ousted its founder and now this...] Amazon's creepy facial recog doorbell, Facebook open sources machine learning code and much more Facebook open sources PyText NLP framework Charles River Analytics to Release Open-Source Mixed-Reality Training Interface Oracle's 'Open' Approach To Cloud-Native Software Kalray Joins Autoware Foundation as Founding Premium Member read more

Programming: Fuchsia SDK, Python, PGI, JFrog, Microsoft as 'Authority' and Fun Maze Generator

2018-12-16 10:11:40

Fuchsia Friday: A first look at the Fuchsia SDK, which you can download here With the significant news this week that the Fuchsia SDK and a Fuchsia “device” are being added to the Android Open Source Project, now seems like a good time to learn more about the Fuchsia SDK. Today on Fuchsia Friday, we dive into the Fuchsia SDK and see what it has to offer developers who might want to get a head start on Fuchsia. Python, signal handlers, and exceptions Create a power bar for pygame project In this chapter, we are going to create the last piece of game feature which is the player’s power bar, after this, I will do all the touches up to this game project which certainly includes to tidy up the game code before uploading the game to the pygame portal. Alright, let’s get to work. The first file which we will need to edit is the score manager file where we will create a power bar object on the lower right corner of the game scene. What we will do here is to deduct the height of the original power bar whenever an enemy missile hits the player ship. PGI 18.10 Community Edition Compiler Relased For High-Performance Multi-Core CPUs & GPUs The PGI 18.10 Community Edition compiler was recently released that is geared for HPC workloads and aims to deliver optimal performance on multi-core processors and GPUs. JFrog to open freebie central repository for Go fans in the new year Self-proclaimed "Database of DevOps" JFrog is about to fling open the first central repository for Go modules in the form of GoCenter. Originally developed by Google, the open-source language Go, which celebrated its ninth anniversary last month, has seen impressive growth over the years. It hovers in fifth place in Stack Overflow's 2018 survey of most-loved languages (above the likes of JavaScript) and third in rankings of languages devs most want to learn. Python reigns supreme, of course. GitHub and Kotlin: What is this Fastest Growing Language? [Ed: Another disturbing example of the corporate media treating a privatised site of Microsoft as though it's the complete set of all programming and Free software, licences etc.] What’s the fastest growing language on GitHub? The repository is seeing a “clear trend toward more statically typed languages focused on type safety and interoperability” the company said this week, including Kotlin, TypeScript and Rust – and it is the former that is surging fastest. The world's most popular programming language is JavaScript, but why? [Ed: Microsoft as reference again?] Much of the work done using JavaScript still seems to be carried out by front-end web developers, despite the language finding new uses in areas such as back-end development in recent years. Now the code repository service GitHub has shed further light on what's fuelling the continued popularity of JavaScript, as part of a round-up of which technologies spawned the most new open-source projects on GitHub in 2018. [...] "In 2018 alone, we saw more new users than in our first six years combined, and we celebrated hosting over 100 million repositories. All of this growth is thanks to the open source community," writes Thomas Elliott, data scientist at GitHub Maze Generator Keeps Plotter (and Kids) Busy The generator itself is written in Java, and should work on whatever operating system your box happens to be running thanks to the *nix and Windows wrapper scripts [Jon] provides. To create a basic maze, one simply needs to provide the script with the desired dimensions and the paper size. You can define the type of paper with either standard sizes (such as --paper a4) or in the case of a plotter with explicit dimensions (--paper 36x48in). read more

FastCharge prototype station shows three-minute time feat

2018-12-16 09:43:07

How easily, how conveniently, how fast, will I be able to charge my electric car? Simple questions and car makers are quite busy giving us answers that will impress.

A Look At The LLVMpipe OpenGL Performance On Mesa 19.0 With A 64C/128T Server

2018-12-16 09:21:09

Given the proposed Libre RISC-V SoC that could function as a Vulkan accelerator by running the Kazan Vulkan implementation on it, I decided to have a fresh look at how the LLVMpipe performance is for running OpenGL on the CPU. Here are those tests done on a dual socket AMD EPYC server...

How many fruits in 5 apples, 3 oranges, 1 pear and 17 lemons?

2018-12-16 08:52:32

On the command line, you can do sums like this either by looking just at the numbers, or by ignoring the parts that aren't numbers — and those aren't quite the same thing.

Brave browser switches to Chromium code base

2018-12-16 08:45:12

Brave browser switches to Chromium code base for faster performance While Brave used Chromium’s back-end code since its inception in 2016, it used the Muon library for its UI. The company says that the new code base translates to a 22-percent performance improvement. It added that users should notice an 8-to-10-second gain on website load times, as compared to the previous version. Brave browser switches base code to Chromium Brave browser has announced that it will fully switch to a Chromium base in its latest release, TheNextWeb reports. Brave used Chromium code since its inception in 2016, but used the Muon library for its UI. Brave joins the likes of Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi to use Google’s open source Chromium as the base code for their browser. Version 0.57, the upcoming version that will use Chromium, will also support Chrome extensions and will categorise extensions as “allowed and vetted”, “allowed and unvetted”, and “blocked.” read more

phpMyAdmin Releases Critical Software Update - Patch Your Sites Now!

2018-12-16 08:34:05 Developers of phpMyAdmin, one of the most popular and widely used MySQL database management systems, today released an updated version 4.8.4 of its software to patch several important vulnerabilities that could eventually allow remote attackers to take control of the affected web servers.

Facebook bug exposed unposted photos of 6.8 million users

2018-12-16 08:24:28 Facebook on Friday disclosed a data breach that may have exposed unposted photos of as many as 6.8 million users.

Happy birthday, qutebrowser!

2018-12-16 08:15:34

That's how qutebrowser looked a day after that (and that commit still seems to run!): Exactly a year later, things were finally ready for a v0.1 release, after spending two weeks of holidays with fixing bugs. Originally, qutebrowser was born because the dwb project was discontinued: That's what I (and many others) were using at the time, and all alternatives were stuck with an unmaintained WebKit1. Since everything was using WebKitGTK which was horribly buggy (and WebKit2 in WebKitGTK lacked a lot of basic features), I decided to start my own thing, based on Qt instead. Back then, there were already discussions about QtWebEngine, and I originally wondered whether I should just wait with starting qutebrowser until it's ready. QtWebEngine support was finally added in July 2016, a lot later than I imagined. Initially, many features didn't work yet, but in September 2017 it finally became the default backend. Later, it turned out that qutebrowser also was a viable alternative for many Pentadactyl/Vimperator refugees, and qutebrowser got more popular than I ever imagined. read more

Schedule a visit with the Emacs psychiatrist

2018-12-16 08:00:00

Welcome to another day of the 24-day-long Linux command-line toys advent calendar. If this is your first visit to the series, you might be asking yourself what a command-line toy even is. We’re figuring that out as we go, but generally, it could be a game, or any simple diversion that helps you have fun at the terminal. Some of you will have seen various selections from our calendar before, but we hope there’s at least one new thing for everyone. read more

This week in Usability & Productivity, part 49

2018-12-16 07:57:21

There’s big news in Usability & Productivity: Firefox 64 can now use native KDE open/save dialogs! read more

Arch Family: ArcoLinux 18.12.7 Run Through, Manjaro Linux Stuff and Arch Linux at Reproducible Build Summit Paris

2018-12-16 07:54:28

ArcoLinux 18.12.7 Run Through In this video, we look at ArcoLinux 18.12.7. It is Arch, it is rolling and its good! Best Manjaro Linux Wallpapers Linux is, by default, a pretty amazing and evolving platform that is offering more and more out of our systems. With the power of Linux, you can push yourself to the limits of what you can do and how you enjoy your computer.There are a number of Linux distros to pick up. Some of them are specially curved towards new and general computer users while others target experts and professionals. For example, Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc. are the well-known for their user-friendliness and regarded as some of the best Linux distros for new and casual users.On the other hand, we got Arch Linux, Gentoo etc. These are top-class Linux systems that targets experts. However, in the case of Manjaro Linux, it’s different. Despite being a cool Linux distro based on Arch Linux, it targets new and moderate users to give the enjoyment of the Arch environment.With the spicy look and graphical tweaks, Manjaro Linux is already great looking. How about making it spicier? Let’s start with the wallpaper! Install Xfce on Manjaro Linux How to Install Spotify on Manjaro How to Install Skype on Manjaro Linux How to Use Manjaro Hardware Detection Tool How to Install Dropbox on Manjaro Linux By default, it allows you 2GB of space for free. How to Setup Screensaver on Manjaro Linux Arch Linux @ Reproducible Build Summit Paris read more

PGI 18.10 Community Edition Compiler Released For High-Performance Multi-Core CPUs & GPUs

2018-12-16 07:52:34

The PGI 18.10 Community Edition compiler was recently released that is geared for HPC workloads and aims to deliver optimal performance on multi-core processors and GPUs...

PGI 18.10 Community Edition Compiler Relased For High-Performance Multi-Core CPUs & GPUs

2018-12-16 07:52:34

The PGI 18.10 Community Edition compiler was recently released that is geared for HPC workloads and aims to deliver optimal performance on multi-core processors and GPUs...

New Fedora 29 Builds

2018-12-16 07:50:08

The Fedora Respins SIG is pleased to announce the latest release of Updated F29-20181213 Live ISOs, carrying the 4.19.8-300 kernel. This set of updated isos will save about 920MBs of updates after install. (for new installs.) read more

Programming: Rust, Go, Python and More

2018-12-16 07:37:51

linl 0.0.3: Micro release Our linl package for writing LaTeX letter with (R)markdown had a fairly minor release today, following up on the previous release well over a year ago. This version just contains one change which Mark van der Loo provided a few months ago with a clean PR. As another user was just bitten the same issue when using an included letterhead – which was fixed but unreleased – we decided it was time for a release. So there it is. linl makes it easy to write letters in markdown, with some extra bells and whistles thanks to some cleverness chiefly by Aaron. Rust 2019 The Rust team encouraged people to write blog posts reflecting on Rust in 2018 and proposing goals and directions for 2019. Here’s mine. This is knowingly blatantly focused on the niche that is immediately relevant to my work. I don’t even pretend this to represent any kind of overall big picture. Book Review: The Go Programming Language Socorro: migrating to Python 3 Socorro is the crash ingestion pipeline for Mozilla's products like Firefox. When Firefox crashes, the Breakpad crash reporter asks the user if the user would like to send a crash report. If the user answers "yes!", then the Breakpad crash reporter collects data related to the crash, generates a crash report, and submits that crash report as an HTTP POST to Socorro. Socorro saves the crash report, processes it, and provides an interface for aggregating, searching, and looking at crash reports. This blog post talks about the project migrating Socorro to Python 3. It covers the incremental steps we did and why we chose that path plus some of the technical problems we hit. Django 2 CRUD Tutorial: Generic Class-Based Views Angular 6|7 Tutorial — CRUD & Python REST API What is your top achievements? After the previous article, we have finally been able to create a score scene as I had promised you before in the last article. What this scene does is to list out the latest 5 levels that the player has achieved, if the level count has reached it’s maximum value then the earliest level from the list will be removed and get replaced by the latest level at the end of the list. Learn to program with Minetest on Debian A fun way to learn how to program Python is to follow the instructions in the book "Learn to program with Minecraft", which introduces programming in Python to people who like to play with Minecraft. The book uses a Python library to talk to a TCP/IP socket with an API accepting build instructions and providing information about the current players in a Minecraft world. The TCP/IP API was first created for the Minecraft implementation for Raspberry Pi, and has since been ported to some server versions of Minecraft. The book contain recipes for those using Windows, MacOSX and Raspian. But a little known fact is that you can follow the same recipes using the free software construction game Minetest. Simple way to get data from web page using python Can you guess a simple way you can get data from a web page? It’s through a technique called web scraping. In case you are not familiar with web scraping, here is an explanation: “Web scraping is a computer software technique of extracting information from websites” “Web scraping focuses on the transformation of unstructured data on the web, typically in HTML format, into structured data that can be stored and analyzed in a central local database or spreadsheet.” Some web pages make your life easier, they offer something called API, they offer an interface that you can use to download data. Websites like Rotten tomatoes and Twitter provides API to access data. But if a web page doesn’t provide an API, you can use Python to scrape data from that webpage. Python quick-fix of broken router I have a router which seems to "take the day off" every once in a while, and this started after I filled up all 4 Ethernet ports. Rebooting, the only fix I've found so far, fixes the problem, so that all 4 Ethernet ports start working again. Rebooting the router gets boring and annoying after a while, so I decided to write a script to automatically reboot the router every hour. How to break Python Don’t worry, this isn’t another piece about Python 3. I’m fully in favor of Python 3, and on record as to why. And if you’re still not convinced, I suggest this thoroughly comprehensive article on the topic, which goes over not just the bits people get angry about but also the frankly massive amount of cool stuff that only works in Python 3, and that you’re missing out on if you still only use Python 2. No, this is about how you as a developer can break Python, and break it thoroughly, whenever you need to. stackoverflow python report Move files from one folder to another folder with python nbdkit inline scripts read more

First NuTyX systemD BASE ISO

2018-12-16 07:31:58

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the very first BASE ISO using the SystemD boot system. It's still in prototype. There are not yet other collections than the basic collection currently. We can still get a good idea of ​​our future NuTyX. The first good news is that the installation is EXACTLY in the same way as the current NuTyX 10.4. read more

Bradley M. Kuhn: What Debian Does For Me

2018-12-16 07:19:42

I woke up early this morning, and those of you live above 45 parallel north or so are used to the “I'm wide awake but it's still dark as night” feeling in the winter. I usually don't turn on the lights, wander into my office, and just bring my computer out of hibernate; that takes a bit as my 100% Free-Software-only computer is old and slow, so I usually go to make coffee while that happens. As I came back in my office this morning I was a bit struck by both displays with the huge Debian screen lock image, and it got me thinking of how Debian has been my companion for so many years. I spoke about this at DebConf 15 a bit, and wrote about a similar concept years before. I realize that it's been almost nine years that I've been thinking rather deeply about my personal relationship with Debian and why it matters. read more

KDE apps at the snap of your fingers

2018-12-16 07:15:54

Are you a Plasma fan? And you want to develop KDE applications? This has just become easier and more fun than ever before. In early November, we hosted a Snapcraft Summit in our London offices, a forward-thinking software workshop attended by major software vendors and Snapcraft engineers working at every level of the stack. Together, we sat down and helped bootstrap snaps of some really amazing products. One of the participants was Harald Sitter, a longtime KDE developer and enthusiast. With more than one notch of experience on his snap belt, Harald joined us to think of innovative ways of making the publication of Qt and KDE applications easier and faster both for experienced developers as well as those just getting involved in this domain Also: Debian Package Dependencies read more

Games: SC Controller, KeeperRL, Good Company, Getting Over it With Bennett Foddy and More

2018-12-16 07:06:19

The excellent SC Controller gamepad tool has two fresh releases available Do not adjust your monitor, you did read the correctly. SC Controller, the excellent tool that started off just for configuring the Steam Controller has two new releases out. KeeperRL had a pretty big release recently, adding in some modding support and lots more Alpha 26 added in basic modding support, a dungeon levelling system to replace mana, outside buildings, a new mummy minion which starts off pretty slow but they can be trained to a really high level, your keeper visuals are changed as your dungeon levels up. The tile efficiency system I wasn't too keen on has been removed, in favour of a luxury system. So now, a more luxurious environment will have effects on training, crafting, combat and more. Give them nice beds, surround them with shiny things and they will be more efficient. Additionally, there's a new team member who has been working on the graphics. With this release there's a bunch of new particle effects for various actions. This is exciting, as the game is about to get a lot more interesting visually with more being added over time. It didn't exactly look bad, but it didn't look overly interesting and so this is a great addition. There's also a new White Knight keeper character, with their own set of minions and enemies. Nice to see some more variety there, since each keeper plays a little differently. Good Company, a very stylish looking tycoon sim will support Linux Good Company, a business management tycoon sim is a recent discovery and it will be coming to Linux. It looks stylish too, so hopefully it will be good. Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy | Linux Gaming | Ubuntu 18.04 | Native Getting Over it With Bennett Foddy on Ubuntu Linux natively. A frustrating 2d platformer that could keep you going for hours, until the slightest mistakes... Distance, the awesome racing platformer has a new mini-campaign out For those who've completed the main content of Distance you might want to grab your keys as it has a new mini-campaign out. In the last few days, it has been updated with a new mini-camaign named Nexus which includes five new tracks. To access it, you need to have finished the Lost to Echoes adventure. Wipeout inspired anti-gravity racer BallisticNG has left Early Access For those who miss the glory days of Wipeout, take a look at BallisticNG which just left Early Access. Developed by Neognosis, it serves as their love-letter to Wipeout and I personally think they've done a really good job. Not just due to the style of the game, the controls and atmosphere feel very much like the original. read more

DXVK 0.94

2018-12-16 06:14:53

DXVK 0.94 Released With New Optimizations, Game Fixes DXVK lead developer Philip Rebohle who is working under contract for Valve released a new version of this open-source layer for translating Direct3D 10/11 calls to Vulkan API for enhancing the experience for running Windows games on Linux. DXVK 0.94 is hot off the press this morning. The DXVK 0.94 release adds a number of performance improvements/optimizations as well as game fixes. DXVK 0.94 is out with fixes and performance tweaks Making it into this release is an optimized descriptor pool allocation for lower memory consumption; an early-discard optimisation has been enabled for the AMDVLK, the proprietary AMD drivers as well as Intel while being disabled currently for RADV and NVIDIA; as well as potential performance improvements on AMD and Intel hardware. read more

Lubuntu 18.04 and 18.10: Between LXDE and LXQt

2018-12-16 05:45:26

This is a review comparing two versions of Lubuntu, 18.04 LTS with LXDE and 18.10 with LXQt. It's about Bionic Beaver and Cosmic Cuttlefish. This means this is the last review of Lubuntu with LXDE. You will find here how they differ in cases of appearance, default applications set, file manager, network manager, package manager, and so on. Very fortunate for us that both version (and even next version Disco Dingo) keep supporting 32-bit architecture so we can still use any of them on our oldest PCs or Macintosh possible. They're only between +/-250 and +/-350MB in RAM usage. They're lightweight, computer-reviving, and compete operating systems worth to try. Go ahead, happy reading and happy working with Lubuntu! read more

Top Lightweight Linux Distributions for 2019

2018-12-16 05:21:35

Modern Linux distros are designed to attract a large number of users having machines equipped with the latest hardware. As they’re designed by keeping the modern hardware in mind, they might be a bit too excessive for the old computers. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about it because experts have been tweaking things to bring out some trimmed and light weighted distros. We still have so many lightweight distros available at our hands, from beginner to advance; from gamers to hackers. It can be a headache to decide which distro will be most compatible with the job you need to perform. Worry not! We’ve filtered the top lightweight Linux distributions for 2019. read more

Best 10 Laptops for Linux

2018-12-16 05:19:13

We’re almost at the end of 2018 with festive season around the corner. If you are looking to buy a new laptop for yourself or gift it to someone then this article is for you. Linux is a flexible operating system and it can accommodate itself on any machine and alongside Windows too. Also Linux doesn’t need high-end computer hardware to run properly, hence if you have old laptops, they can also benefit from Linux. So today we are going to have in-depth look at best 10 laptops available in market which can be used to run Linux operating system. Not all the laptops listed here have dedicated hardware required by Linux, but they will be able to run Linux directly or alongside Windows or Mac. Many users moving towards Linux as it is more free, secure and reliable operating system as compared others. In addition to this Linux is best platform to work on personal projects and programming tasks. read more

Best Alternatives to Red Hat Linux

2018-12-16 05:15:00

The recent news of IBM’s purchase of Red Hat sent a ripple through the global open source community, sparking fear that it will eventually push either entire Red Hat or at least some of its parts to the scrap heap. But we’re not here to make educated guesses about the future of the beloved Linux distribution. Instead, we’re here to list the top 5 best alternatives to Red Hat Linux that you can try right now to see what other options are out there. read more

4 of the Best Alternatives to Skype on Linux

2018-12-16 05:09:13

Microsoft has never taken Linux seriously when it comes to their products. They don’t see it as a gain. The only real reason that Linux even has a Skype client is because before Microsoft purchased it there was a client. If you’re a Linux user, you need to get away from this service as soon as possible. Microsoft has shown in the past that they have no interest in supporting Linux, and that fact is even more solidified with the latest update to the platform. Every alternative on this list is a great alternative and worthy of taking the place Skype has in your life on the Linux platform. read more

Mainline Linux Support Getting Squared Away For $129 Intel SoC FPGA Board

2018-12-16 05:06:31

Patches for the board support for the Chameleon96 Intel FPGA board have been published and could soon be found in the mainline Linux kernel...

Fedora 29: pdns-recursor Security Update

2018-12-16 04:22:00 Fixes CVE-2018-16855 (Crafted query can cause a denial of service) ---- New upstream release with security fixes for CVE-2018-10851, CVE-2018-14626 and CVE-2018-14644

Fedora 29: nbdkit Security Update

2018-12-16 04:22:00 New upstream version 1.8.2. Fix low priority security issue with TLS: ---- New upstream version 1.8.1. ---- Rebase to new stable version 1.8.0. ---- nbdkit metapackage should depend on versioned -server subpackage etc. ---- New upstream version 1.6.3.

How to Host Your Own Minecraft Server

2018-12-16 04:06:37

Minecraft is a wildly popular sandbox game. Learn how to host your own multiplayer Minecraft server and control the game like never before!

Fedora 28: pdns-recursor Security Update

2018-12-16 02:24:00 Fixes CVE-2018-16855 (Crafted query can cause a denial of service) ---- New upstream release with security fixes for CVE-2018-10851, CVE-2018-14626 and CVE-2018-14644

Distribution Release: GParted Live 0.33.0-1

2018-12-16 00:56:30

Curtis Gedak has announced the release of GParted Live 0.33.0-1, the latest stable version of the project's specialist live CD with a collection of disk partitioning and data rescue tools: "The GParted team is pleased to announce a new stable release of GParted Live. This release includes GParted....

openSUSE: 2018:4148-1: moderate: openvswitch

2018-12-16 00:11:00 An update that fixes three vulnerabilities is now available.

openSUSE: 2018:4147-1: moderate: qemu

2018-12-16 00:09:00 An update that solves 6 vulnerabilities and has one errata is now available.

Mageia 2018-0480: thunderbird security update

2018-12-15 22:30:00 - Buffer overflow using computed size of canvas element. (CVE-2018-12359) - Use-after-free when using focus(). (CVE-2018-12360) - Integer overflow in SwizzleData. (CVE-2018-12361)

Mageia 2018-0483: firefox security update

2018-12-15 22:30:00 A buffer overflow and out-of-bounds read can occur in TextureStorage11 within the ANGLE graphics library, used for WebGL content. This results in a potentially exploitable crash (CVE-2018-17466). A use-after-free vulnerability can occur after deleting a selection

Mageia 2018-0481: libwpd security update

2018-12-15 22:30:00 It was discovered there is a NULL pointer dereference in the function WP6ContentListener::defineTable in WP6ContentListener.cpp that will lead to a denial of service attack (CVE-2018-19208). References:

Mageia 2018-0482: nss security update

2018-12-15 22:30:00 Cache side-channel variant of the Bleichenbacher attack.(CVE-2018-12404) References: - -

Lyft drives patent talk on self-driving safety via messages for pedestrians, cyclists

2018-12-15 21:45:46

Lyft is in the news, as the United States Patent Office has granted Lyft with a patent for an autonomous vehicle notification system. '

Vega 12 Firmware Lands Along With RX 590 Polaris Bits, Updated Zen CPU Microcode

2018-12-15 21:14:59

A big serving of AMD firmware/microcode updates landed on Friday in the linux-firmware.git canonical tree for both AMD Zen processors and Radeon graphics processors...

Gentoo: GLSA-201812-08: Scala: Privilege escalation

2018-12-15 20:12:00 A vulnerability in Scala could result in privilege escalation.

Gentoo: GLSA-201812-07: SpamAssassin: Multiple vulnerabilities

2018-12-15 20:10:00 Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in SpamAssassin, the worst of which may lead to remote code execution.

Gentoo: GLSA-201812-06: CouchDB: Multiple vulnerabilities

2018-12-15 20:09:00 Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in CouchDB, the worst of which could lead to the remote execution of code.

Strategies to Empower Sales Team

2018-12-15 19:46:41

The backbone of any successful company is a proper, well functioning sales team that can properly achieve quarterly and yearly targets and can maintain the momentum of the company. A proper sales team really resembles the spearhead of a spear. That is because the sales team is really the offensive for the company. The rest of the company, whether it be the human resources department or the IT tech department, act more as a support system for the sale department. As a result, a strong company needs a well integrated and exceptional sales force. Through the article, we will discuss the various ways we can improve and empower a sales team. These things could include constant training, use of technology and improving the base.Use of technologyOne of the main factors that can help any company out there, would be the proper use of technology. It could help in a variety of ways. Some of those ways could include things like organizing the sales team and keeping everyone on the same team, sending important updates on issues, proper branding that would aid the sales department and many more useful functions. There are many ways to integrate technology into the workplace and especially in the sales department.One of these new innovative ways that many companies and enterprises are using these days is creating a company app. Offering this service is and many others that are just a click away from being used. This helps a company not only integrate the sales team onto one platform but can also help put all of the company functions and materials on it. Thus, it makes things much simpler for the sales team and is quite efficient. Constant TrainingsOne of the main cornerstones of any exceptional sales team is product knowledge and proper social and networking skills. This is probably the basis of any good salesman. This is why the team leader of any sales team needs to introduce constant trainings for his employees. This is so the team can refresh the techniques and knowledge and never go rusty, and also to update their knowledge on the newest updates in the market or new social skills one can learn on the job. This will help sharpen your sales team and help them in being prepared for any challenge ahead of them.A Proper Business BaseAs with any company, if your support functions are down, your sales revenue is going to go down as well. As a result, an empowered sales team needs to have a well developed support function, such as a proper marketing team that creates a branding that the sales team can use, or an HR department that helps the team develop their soft skills as well maintain the order. Without these functions, your sales department could become incredibly crippled and your revenue will suffer.A proper sales team could equal a lot of revenue and eventually, profit for any company out there. As a result, a company should invest heavily in its employees and offer them the best that they can. There are many ways a company can empower its sales team. Some of them could be things like a proper business support function base, the use of technology for logistics and constant trainings and learning. These three things could develop any sales team and turn them into a profit-making machine.Visit on site

California launches open-source code site

2018-12-15 19:14:40

An open collaboration between agencies, industry partners and civic technologists, Code California aims to take advantage of agency-developed open source code that can be reused across state government. Developed by the California Department of Technology, the program plans to increase security and efficiency by decreasing duplicative acquisitions and vendor lock-in. Making open source software publicly available to developers can also contribute to more stable and secure products, the state said in the site's accompanying playbook. read more

Epic Games' Free Cross-Platform Service Coming in 2019, Harness Announces New 24-7 Service Guard, Vivaldi Version 2.2 Released, KDE Applications 18.2 Are Out and Valve's Steam Link App for RPi Officia

2018-12-15 19:03:23

News briefs for December 14, 2018.

Best KDE/Plasma distro of 2018

2018-12-15 18:51:52

Let us Plasma. A few days ago, we talked about the bestest Xfce distro of 2018. It was an interesting but also somewhat predictable experiment, as things haven’t changed that much on the Xfce scene, with most distros slowly moving along, well set in their grooves, some oiled, some rusty. Now, we need to examine…

Best KDE distro of 2018

2018-12-15 18:51:52

Let us Plasma. A few days ago, we talked about the bestest Xfce distro of 2018. It was an interesting but also somewhat predictable experiment, as things haven’t changed that much on the Xfce scene, with most distros slowly moving along, well set in their grooves, some oiled, some rusty. Now, we need to examine…

openSUSE: 2018:4144-1: moderate: tcpdump

2018-12-15 18:08:00 An update that fixes one vulnerability is now available.

180+ Benchmarks On Debian GNU/Linux 9.6 Against Debian Buster Testing

2018-12-15 17:35:04

There is the release of Debian 10 "Buster" to look forward to (hopefully) next year for succeeding Debian 9 "Stretch" that debuted back in 2017. Curious about the current performance of Debian Buster, I ran 183 benchmarks on Debian 9.6 stable against the current Debian Buster Testing images for seeing how the performance compares.

NVIDIA released the 415.22.01 Vulkan driver

2018-12-15 17:18:35

Tags: NVIDIA, DriversYesterday, NVIDIA again updated their special beta Vulkan driver pushing it to version 415.22.01 with various improvements. Included in this release are fixes for vkCmdDrawIndirectCountKHR and vkCmdDrawIndexedIndirectCountKHR in regards to "very large counts". Another fix made it in for Sascha Willems' "pushconstants" example (a bunch of Vulkan API examples and demos). Additionally, it's now exposing two transfer queues on Pascal and above, the maximum point size has increased to 2047 and the maximum line width has increased to 64. See the NVIDIA Vulkan driver page for the info. They also did a minor update to their main driver, with version 415.23 now out which fixes a build failure for the Linux Kernel 4.20. It's good to see NVIDIA keep pushing their Linux drivers, they've come a long way in the years I've been using Linux. Quite rare to actually come across an NVIDIA-specific driver bug in games.

How to install Apache Maven on Debian 9

2018-12-15 17:09:01

Apache Maven is an open source project management and comprehension tool used primarily for Java projects. Maven uses a Project Object Model (POM) which is essentially a XML file containing information about the project, configuration details, the project’s dependencies, and so on. In this tutorial we will show you two different ways to install Apache Maven on Debian 9.

Mudge: Linux MIPS have exec stacks. 2016 patch = universal DEP and ASLR bypass

2018-12-15 16:16:49


openSUSE: 2018:4143-1: important: Chromium

2018-12-15 15:09:00 An update that fixes 27 vulnerabilities is now available.

openSUSE: 2018:4142-1: important: Chromium

2018-12-15 15:08:00 An update that fixes 27 vulnerabilities is now available.

DXVK 0.94 is out with fixes and performance tweaks

2018-12-15 15:04:10

Tags: Wine, VulkanThe Valve-funded DXVK project, which kicks over D3D11 and D3D10 to Vulkan for use with Wine has another fresh brew available. Making it into this release is an optimized descriptor pool allocation for lower memory consumption; an early-discard optimisation has been enabled for the AMDVLK, the proprietary AMD drivers as well as Intel while being disabled currently for RADV and NVIDIA; as well as potential performance improvements on AMD and Intel hardware. The early-discard optimisation is an interesting one, which you can find more details on here. It seems it's disabled on NVIDIA due to a "substantial performance hit" in many games, with it causing GPU hangs on AMD (RADV). This time around, there's a few game-specific bugs that were fixed including issues with Anno 2205, Farming Simulator 2019, GTA V and Ni no Kuni II which I'm sure many will appreciate. See the release notes here.

Wipeout inspired anti-gravity racer BallisticNG has left Early Access

2018-12-15 14:24:06

Tags: Racing, Indie Game, SteamFor those who miss the glory days of Wipeout, take a look at BallisticNG which just left Early Access. Developed by Neognosis, it serves as their love-letter to Wipeout and I personally think they've done a really good job. Not just due to the style of the game, the controls and atmosphere feel very much like the original. While it's not classed as a finished game, they're not done with it. They are planning to add plenty of post-release content which sounds rather fun. Watch video on Feature highlight: A large assortment of tracks set in unique locations, most playable in reverse with a flipped time of day and weather An array of unique teams to suite any playstyle An arsenal of weapons to damage and eliminate those who stand in your way Several gamemodes (Race, Survival, Time Trial, Speed Lap, Eliminator and Knockout) SteamVR compatible, everything is playable in VR! A singleplayer campaign with plenty of events to challenge your skill Two player splitscreen with multi-monitor support Direct IP multiplayer, Steam not required A thumping soundtrack featuring 3 hours of music inspired by old school electronic genres On top of that, it has some interesting modding support too with the Steam Workshop. You can make new tracks, ships and more although it will require a little Unity and C# know-how. Sadly, the developer has some troubles with the Unity game engine. If it starts in fullscreen, it might give a resolution if 0x0. To workaround it for now, the Linux build starts in windowed mode until they fix it which didn't make the release. It works perfectly though and it's not a problem setting it fullscreen when it's loaded (tested myself). They did say they're working on a fix for this, so it won't be an issue for long. If you do plan on picking it up, I suggest taking a quick look over the in-game guide available in the menu. It's a little tricky to get into but not overly complicated. There's an infinite practice mode, which certainly helps. It wasn't until I spent a good hour in the practice mode that I got truly comfortable with it. Once I was, it was an absolute joy to play. The Linux version works really well too, with good performance and no issues with my Steam Controller. You can find BallisticNG on Steam.

DXVK 0.94 Released With New Optimizations, Game Fixes

2018-12-15 13:22:05

DXVK lead developer Philip Rebohle who is working under contract for Valve released a new version of this open-source layer for translating Direct3D 10/11 calls to Vulkan API for enhancing the experience for running Windows games on Linux...

How to Install and Configure Ansible on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

2018-12-15 13:20:17

Ansible is a free and open source software that can be used to automate software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install and use Ansible on Ubuntu 18.04 server.

Distance, the awesome racing platformer has a new mini-campaign out

2018-12-15 13:20:03

Tags: Steam, Humble Store, Indie Game, Racing, Platformer, UpdateFor those who've completed the main content of Distance you might want to grab your keys as it has a new mini-campaign out. In the last few days, it has been updated with a new mini-camaign named Nexus which includes five new tracks. To access it, you need to have finished the Lost to Echoes adventure. There's also six new levels to sprint through as fast as you can in the arcade mode and a new challenge level named Variant Blue. The Variant Blue level is incredibly odd, as it's a top-down birds-eye view instead of being from behind the car. I'm not even sure if the camera angle is intentional for this level, but I like it: Sadly though, the Variant Blue challenge isn't quite right, as the camera doesn't follow your car and it's really slow so it's pretty impossible to do.  I've no doubt they will fix it soon, other than that Refract are doing a fantastic job with extra free content like the new mini-campaign and I highly recommend Distance. I have to say, I'm so incredibly impressed with Distance. It's such a unique experience to have such an adventure, inside what's essentially a racing game with a bunch of platformer elements. Refract did such an amazing job on the atmosphere, the main adventure mode sent chills down my spine on some tracks. The thumping music, the fantastic style to it and the decent challenge too all make it a rather rewarding experience. Lasers will cut your car to bits, platforms will come crashing down, you fly off the track and deploy your wings to reach other parts of a level and all while you're trying not to overheat and blow up. Some parts really are incredibly tricky, requiring your full attention as you quickly jump, power your boosters to force your car quickly back down onto the track to avoid overhead obstacles followed by a jump from one track to another that's on its side. Some of it is absolute madness and it's a good bit of fun. Find Distance on Humble Store and Steam.

NVIDIA 415.22.01 Vulkan Linux Driver Adds New Improvements & Fixes

2018-12-15 12:57:10

NVIDIA rolled out the 417.42 Windows driver and 415.22.01 Linux driver on Friday that feature their very latest Vulkan components...

Facebook could face billion dollar fine for data breaches

2018-12-15 12:21:34 Facebook could be facing a multi-billion dollar fine after a European regulator announced Friday that it is launching an investigation into the company over failure to protect user privacy.

openSUSE: 2018:4141-1: important: cups

2018-12-15 12:15:00 An update that fixes one vulnerability is now available.

How to update LXD container Ubuntu image from 16.04 to 18.04

2018-12-15 12:14:52

openSUSE: 2018:4140-1: important: ghostscript

2018-12-15 12:14:00 An update that solves 8 vulnerabilities and has one errata is now available.

openSUSE: 2018:4138-1: important: ghostscript

2018-12-15 12:10:00 An update that solves 8 vulnerabilities and has one errata is now available.

openSUSE: 2018:4135-1: important: qemu

2018-12-15 12:09:00 An update that solves one vulnerability and has one errata is now available.

The Last Independent Mobile OS

2018-12-15 12:00:25

The year was 2010 and the future of mobile computing was looking bright. The iPhone was barely three years old, Google’s Android had yet to swallow the smartphone market whole, and half a dozen alternative mobile operating systems—many of which were devoutly open source—were preparing for launch. Eight years on, you probably haven’t even heard of most of these alternative mobile operating systems, much less use them. Today, Android and iOS dominate the global smartphone market and account for 99.9 percent of mobile operating systems. Even Microsoft and Blackberry, longtime players in the mobile space with massive revenue streams, have all but left the space. Then there’s Jolla, the small Finnish tech company behind Sailfish OS, which it bills as the “last independent alternative mobile operating system.” Jolla has had to walk itself back from the edge of destruction several times over the course of its seven year existence, and each time it has emerged battered, but more determined than ever to carve out a spot in the world for a truly independent, open source mobile operating system. After years of failed product launches, lackluster user growth, and supply chain fiascoes, it’s only been in the last few months that things finally seem to be turning to Jolla’s favor. Over the past two years the company has rode the wave of anti-Google sentiment outside the US and inked deals with large foreign companies that want to turn Sailfish into a household name. Despite the recent success, Jolla is far from being a major player in the mobile market. And yet it also still exists, which is more than can be said of every other would-be alternative mobile OS company. read more

How I Quit Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon

2018-12-15 11:56:40

It was just before closing time at a Verizon store in Bushwick, New York last May when I burst through the door, sweaty and exasperated. I had just sprinted—okay I walked, but briskly—from another Verizon outlet a few blocks away in the hopes I’d make it before they closed shop for the night. I was looking for a SIM card that would fit a refurbished 2012 Samsung Galaxy S3 that I had recently purchased on eBay, but the previous three Verizon stores I visited didn’t have any chips that would fit such an old model. When I explained my predicament to the salesperson, he laughed in my face. “You want to switch from you current phone to an... S3?” he asked incredulously. I explained my situation. I was about to embark on a month without intentionally using any services or products produced by the so-called “Big Five” tech companies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. At that point I had found adequate, open source replacements for most of the services offered by these companies, but ditching the Android OS, which is developed by Google, was proving difficult. Most of the tech I use on a day-to-day basis is pretty utilitarian. At the time I was using a cheap ASUS laptop at work and a homebrew PC at my apartment. My phone was a Verizon-specific version of the Samsung Galaxy J3, a 2016 model that cost a little over $100 new. They weren't fancy, but they’ve reliably met most of my needs for years. For the past week and a half I had spent most of my evenings trying to port an independent mobile OS called Sailfish onto my phone without any luck. As it turned out, Verizon had locked the bootloader on my phone model, which is so obscure that no one in the vibrant Android hacking community had dedicated much time to figuring out a workaround. If I wanted to use Sailfish, I was going to have to get a different phone. read more

RISC-V Will Stop Hackers Dead From Getting Into Your Computer

2018-12-15 11:53:13

The greatest hardware hacks of all time were simply the result of finding software keys in memory. The AACS encryption debacle — the 09 F9 key that allowed us to decrypt HD DVDs — was the result of encryption keys just sitting in main memory, where it could be read by any other program. DeCSS, the hack that gave us all access to DVDs was again the result of encryption keys sitting out in the open. Because encryption doesn’t work if your keys are just sitting out in the open, system designers have come up with ingenious solutions to prevent evil hackers form accessing these keys. One of the best solutions is the hardware enclave, a tiny bit of silicon that protects keys and other bits of information. Apple has an entire line of chips, Intel has hardware extensions, and all of these are black box solutions. They do work, but we have no idea if there are any vulnerabilities. If you can’t study it, it’s just an article of faith that these hardware enclaves will keep working. Now, there might be another option. RISC-V researchers are busy creating an Open Source hardware enclave. This is an Open Source project to build secure hardware enclaves to store cryptographic keys and other secret information, and they’re doing it in a way that can be accessed and studied. Trust but verify, yes, and that’s why this is the most innovative hardware development in the last decade. read more

Good Company, a very stylish looking tycoon sim will support Linux

2018-12-15 11:32:45

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Unity, Strategy, SimulationGood Company, a business management tycoon sim is a recent discovery and it will be coming to Linux. It looks stylish too, so hopefully it will be good. First, check out the trailer to get an idea of what it will be like: Watch video on When asked about Linux support, they told us this: We are working on it to bring also a Linux version, @unity3d great tools for that. But as we also work with an additional backend, we can't promise a simultaneously Linux launch yet. Their openness on it is refreshing, it's planned but they're not promising a same-day release. We've also offered a hand at testing, so hopefully we can ensure a good release.  It's going to offer a single-player campaign and sandbox mode, along with online multiplayer to play with or against others. You will be tasked with researching new tech, designing the products and dealing with staffing. It sounds like there might be a good amount of depth to it, with you dealing with the stock market, managing relationships with contractors and other companies and so on. It's due for release sometime in Q2 2019. You can wishlist and follow on Steam.

There's Certainly Much Interest In Linux On Intel's Future Discrete Graphics Cards

2018-12-15 11:27:48

Intel's growing graphics team recently hosted a "Ask You Anything" on Reddit as they solicit more feedback and ideas from the community about their discrete graphics plans. From that, interest in their Linux graphics driver/software stack came in second for popularity...

How to install Nodejs with npm on ubuntu 18.04

2018-12-15 11:25:55

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to install Node.js with npm on Ubuntu. Node.js is the opensource JavaScript Run-time environment for server-side execution of JavaScript code. Node.js built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine so it can be used to build different types of server-side application.

KeeperRL had a pretty big release recently, adding in some modding support and lots more

2018-12-15 11:21:49

Tags: Early Access, Indie Game,, Humble Store, Steam, Strategy, RPGKeeperRL is a great little game, one that mixes in roguelike and RPG elements with dungeon building and another release went out recently. I do love how it has a mix of building elements as a dungeon keeper, while also having a separate adventure game mode for you to explore as if it was a roguelike—very cool. Alpha 26 added in basic modding support, a dungeon levelling system to replace mana, outside buildings, a new mummy minion which starts off pretty slow but they can be trained to a really high level, your keeper visuals are changed as your dungeon levels up. The tile efficiency system I wasn't too keen on has been removed, in favour of a luxury system. So now, a more luxurious environment will have effects on training, crafting, combat and more. Give them nice beds, surround them with shiny things and they will be more efficient. Additionally, there's a new team member who has been working on the graphics. With this release there's a bunch of new particle effects for various actions. This is exciting, as the game is about to get a lot more interesting visually with more being added over time. It didn't exactly look bad, but it didn't look overly interesting and so this is a great addition. There's also a new White Knight keeper character, with their own set of minions and enemies. Nice to see some more variety there, since each keeper plays a little differently. A note about this release: I initially thought the adventure mode was removed but it is still there. The menu system needs work that's for sure. If you click on "Role: keeper" when starting a new game, it will switch the mode. It's a little confusing, as you wouldn't think there as an option there unless you knew about it. Want to grab it? You can find it on Humble Store, and Steam. If you want to try before you buy, also has an ASCII version that's free.

Debian LTS: DLA-1607-1: samba security update

2018-12-15 11:16:00 Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in Samba, a SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project identifies the following issues:

Kdenlive 18.12 and KDE Frameworks Update

2018-12-15 11:15:12

Kdenlive 18.12 release and some news After the bug squashing day an interested developer joined the the team and is fixing MOVIT (GPU effects) support. We are very happy to see more people interested in contributing code to the project. Achievement of the Week This week I gave KDE Frameworks a web page after only 4 years of us trying to promote it as the best thing ever since cabogganing without one. I also updated the theme on the KDE Applications 18.12 announcement to this millennium and even made the images in it have a fancy popup effect using the latest in JQuery Bootstrap CSS. But my proudest contribution is making the screenshot for the new release of Konsole showing how it can now display all the cat emojis plus one for a poodle. read more

Wine 4.0-RC2 Released With 11 Bug Fixes

2018-12-15 11:13:32

The second weekly release candidate of Wine 4.0 is now available for testing this weekend...

Vulkan Leftovers

2018-12-15 11:13:22

Vulkan Memory Allocator 2.2 Released Along With RGP 1.4 In addition to AMD's year-end Radeon driver updates issued today, their GPUOpen crew has also carried out some new open-source software releases. Vulkan Memory Allocator 2.2 is available for helping Vulkan game/app developers better manage their vRAM behavior. The VMA 2.2 release brings full-fledged memory defragmentation support, a buddy algorithm for custom pools, new functions around sparse memory handling, and other fixes and optimizations. Khronos Seeking Feedback On KTX2 Specification For Storing Textures For OpenGL/Vulkan The Khronos Group is looking for feedback on its KTX2 specification that is used for storing textures for OpenGL (including GLES) and Vulkan while being a simple format and an extension of the original KTX with improvements for Vulkan and other graphics APIs. read more

Debian Work by Norbert Preining, Ben Hutchings and Raphaël Hertzog

2018-12-15 10:59:18

Norbert Preining: TeX Live/Debian updates 20181214 Another month passed, and the (hoepfully) last upload for this year brings updates to the binaries, to the usual big set of macro and font packages, and some interesting and hopefully useful changes. Ben Hutchings: Debian LTS work, November 2018 I was assigned 20 hours of work by Freexian's Debian LTS initiative and worked all those hours. I prepared and released another stable update for Linux 3.16 (3.16.61), but have not yet included this in a Debian upload. Raphaël Hertzog: Freexian’s report about Debian Long Term Support, November 2018 Like each month, here comes a report about the work of paid contributors to Debian LTS. read more

5 Tips To Speed Up Linux Software Raid Rebuilding And Re-syncing

2018-12-15 10:59:00

The excellent SC Controller gamepad tool has two fresh releases available

2018-12-15 10:53:14

Tags: Apps, DriversDo not adjust your monitor, you did read the correctly. SC Controller, the excellent tool that started off just for configuring the Steam Controller has two new releases out. Firstly, the latest main build v0.4.6 which has an interesting change with config files. According to the developer, it will now convert them into the latest format so you don't need to keep compatibility with older versions. It also adds support for the Retroarch RemotePad protocol, this will allow you to use any mobile phone with RetroArch installed as a gamepad which sounds pretty fun. Additionally, you now have the ability to use a "shell command as condition in modeshift" along with a fix for the scc-daemon crashing with Steam Play titles and a UI fix. There's also the v0.4.9.2 experimental release out, which is the big rewrite of SC Controller to support more platforms. This adds in NetBSD / OpenBSD support, XInput support on Windows 8 and above and more. Find all the release notes here. Fantastic to see progress continue on such a useful application. Pretty sure I end up using it nearly every single day.

DragonFly's HAMMER2 File-System Receiving Christmas Improvements

2018-12-15 10:32:45

With DragonFlyBSD 5.4 having been recently released, development is back onto full-swing in Git master. DragonFlyBSD/HAMMER2 lead developer Matthew Dillon has been landing HAMMER2 file-system improvements that he hopes to back-port to stable in the coming weeks...

LibreOffice at FOSDEM and Special Characters' Final Touch

2018-12-15 10:02:51

Open Document Editors DevRoom at FOSDEM 2019: Call for Papers FOSDEM is one of the largest gatherings of Free Software contributors in the world and takes place each year in Brussels (Belgium) at the ULB Campus Solbosch. In 2019, it will be held on Saturday February 2, and Sunday February 3. The Open Document Editors DevRoom is scheduled for Saturday, February 2 (from 10:30AM to 7:00PM, room UB2.147). We are inviting proposals for talks about Open Document Editors or the ODF standard document format, on topics such as code, localization, QA, UX, tools, extensions and adoption-related cases. Please keep in mind that product pitches are not allowed at FOSDEM. Special Characters: The Final Touch Last year we revised the workflow to insert special characters. Based on a design proposal the dialog was reimplemented in a Google Summer of Code project by Akshay Deep. The new dialog allows to easily browse through the list and to search for glyphs contained in the selected font. It also introduced Favorites (a user collection of glyphs that are used frequently) and a list of Recently Used glyphs. But some pieces got more or less intentionally lost and some parts of the redesign might have room for improvements. So here is an idea for the final touch. read more

Try Out a Learning Activity for Free!

2018-12-15 10:00:58

Learning Activities provide a hands-on way to fill in knowledge gaps and learn the skills you need to understand the concepts better. The post Try Out a Learning Activity for Free! appeared first on Linux Academy Blog.

Tesla Model 3 Modded To Run Ubuntu

2018-12-15 10:00:00

140Mandak262Jamuna writes: CleanTechnica is reporting that someone hacked the infotainment system of a Tesla Model 3 and got root access and installed Linux distribution Ubuntu. Redditor trsohmers is able to show an Ubuntu command shell running alongside the Tesla OS. Since Tesla supports a browser that allows you to visit any site, could this be leveraged into remote hacks? It could also mean that if Tesla sells a long-range version of the Model 3, but limits it via software, people might try to remove the block. One could potentially get a 15-day trial of full self-driving for free and extend that 15-day window forever. At least he had some guts messing with $50,000 hardware that phones home all the time. Will Tesla brick his car to attempt to disprove the security issue? Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Fixing Broken Dropbox Sync Support

2018-12-15 09:56:52

Dropbox have reduced the number of file systems they support. We knew this was coming for a while, but it's a pain if you don't use one of the supported filesystems. Recently I re-installed my Ubuntu 18.04 laptop and chose XFS rather than the default ext4 partition type when installing. That's the reason the error is appearing for me. I do also use NextCloud and Syncthing for syncing files, but some of the people I work with only use Dropbox, and forcing them to change is tricky. read more

Proprietary Browsers That Run on GNU/Linux

2018-12-15 09:53:36

Opera launches a cryptocurrency wallet in its Android browser [Ed: Would you trust a proprietary Chinese browser with your cryptocurrency wallet? On a platform with (intentional) back doors?] Web browser Opera has launched a built-in cryptocurrency wallet on its Android app, the company announced today at a blockchain event in London. The wallet will first support ethereum, with support for other coins likely to come later. Ether investors using Opera would potentially be able to more easily access their tokens using the feature. Latest Vivaldi Update Adds Pop Out Video, Tab Sessions + More A new version of the Vivaldi web browser has been released — and it’s even more customisable than before! The Vivaldi 2.2 update adds a “pop out” video player feature (just like the picture-in-picture feature available in Chrome), introduces new ways to manage tabs, and — at long last! — gives you control over which buttons appear in the main browser toolbar. Vivaldi 2.2: Focus on details Vivaldi Browser 2.2 Released with More Configurable Toolbars Vivaldi web browser released version 2.2 yesterday with more tabs management functionality, more configurable toolbars, and other new features. Chrome 73 Reportedly Introducing Tab Grouping Feature Google is gearing up to make some notable changes to its popular web browser, Chrome, with the latest Chrome 73 update. Last week, Google released the Chrome 71 Update which added dark mode feature, but macOS users missed out on the feature. Recently, it was revealed that Google is reportedly working on Chrome 73, which would bring the dark mode feature for macOS users as well. Today, a new feature was leaked in a code change request. “A recent code change suggests that users will be able to organize Chrome tabs into different groups, possibly to improve productivity by grouping tabs belonging to one task or a project in one set.”, as Wccftech reports. Although there is little clarity about the feature’s exact description, this likely seems like the upcoming feature in Windows, ie, ability to group together different applications in one window to improve accessibility as well as productivity. read more

Server: Arista, Red Hat, Istio and More (Mostly KubeCon + CloudNativeCon)

2018-12-15 09:44:45

Arista Extends Its Reach Into Containers Networking in containerized environments is really hard to do with a traditional network stack. Virtual machines seem complex, according to many engineers I know, but as the Canadian rock band Bachman-Turner Overdrive used to sing "B-b-b-baby, you ain't seen n-n-nothin yet," as containers take complexity to the next level. Containers are unlike anything network professionals have dealt with before. They are highly dynamic, are spun up and down very quickly and often run for just a few seconds. Traditional networking can be used for VMs and physical workloads, which aren't very agile and take a long time to boot. But the dynamic nature of containers makes visibility, connectivity and security much more difficult, as services need to be invoked as soon as the container is spun up and then turned off when the container is shut down. If a live container loses connectivity, bad things happen, so ensuring the network is there and rock solid is critical. Arista Networks Showcases Any Cloud Networking at KubeCon NA 2018 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Videos Now Online This week's KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2018 in Seattle was the biggest ever! This sold-out event featured four days of information on Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, OpenTracing, Fluentd, gRPC, containerd, and rkt, along with many other exciting projects and topics. How Epic Games Uses Kubernetes to Power Fortnite Application Servers "This is my first time in the gaming industry, I didn't know what to expect when I joined, but it turns out that scaling a video game is just like scaling any other successful product," Sharpe said. "Modern game development is actually a whole lot of microservices and other types of technology that are used outside of the gaming industry." Sharpe said that Epic Games is already heavily invested in AWS (Amazon Web Services) and has been using Docker containers. He added that moving to Kubernetes is a natural evolution of Epic Games' work, which is all about trying to improve developers lives. DevOps lessons: 4 aspects of healthy experiments Fast iteration is all the rage. And it’s not just DevOps and software. It’s even made its way into distilling bourbon. When Bryan Davis of Lost Spirits distillery talked about accelerated bourbon aging in a recent Gastropod podcast, I expected the win would be about reducing costs; it’s expensive to keep bourbon aging for a decade or more! But no. It’s more about tweaking variables over the course of days, rather than years. “I would never have been able to build up the business to the point where I could take all the failed batches and throw them away. And so what the technology really did for me was make it possible for me to compete,” Davis says. 6 best practices for highly available Kubernetes clusters Everyone running a Kubernetes cluster in production wants it to be reliable. Many administrators implement a multi-master setup, but often this isn't enough to consider a cluster highly available. A highly available microservice requires that the system gracefully handle the failures of its components. If one part of the system fails in any way, the system can recover without significant downtime. So how exactly can you achieve a highly available, highly reliable, and multi-master Kubernetes cluster? One way is to run a regional Kubernetes cluster on the Google Kubernetes Engine, a managed version of Kubernetes hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. Tigera Looks To Improve Cloud-Native Kubernetes Networking The new funding was led by Insight Venture Partners, with participation from existing investors Madrona, NEA, and Wing. Total funding to date for Tigera stands at $53 million. The new fund raise is the second such event for the company in 2018, with a $10 million raise announced back in January. EnterpriseNetworkingPlanethas been following Tigera since the company was first announced in May 2016 at the CoreOS Fest event in Berlin, Germany. "Kubernetes is gaining momentum within every progressive enterprise," Ratan Tipirneni president and CEO of Tigera, stated in a media advisory. "These businesses cannot get their applications to production without strong security controls and the ability to prove compliance." "As a result, we are being pulled into several hundred projects and will use this funding to meet that demand," Tipirneni added. Changes to OpenShift Online Starter Tier For some time now, we have offered our OpenShift Online service in a few service tiers. This hosted service has been available since 2011, and to date, well over 4 million applications have been launched on OpenShift Online. One of the key features of this hosted form of Red Hat OpenShift has been our Starter tier, where we have provided free access to our award-winning platform for learning and experimenting. This service has helped many users kick the tires on OpenShift, and to build their own proof of concepts, or to port a single application to measure the experience. We’re happy that we have been able to enable so many newcomers to our platform with this free service. We have listened to our users, and we’re happy to announce that we will be increasing the resources of this free service by double. Due to the popularity of our platform, we will be introducing time limits on the Starter platform to allow more users to take advantage of this useful resource. VMware Paid $550M for Heptio to Boost Its Kubernetes Portfolio VMware paid $550 million for its recently closed acquisition of 2-year-old Kubernetes-focused startup Heptio. That amount was a substantial premium over what Heptio had raised from investors and other similar deals in the Kubernetes space. KubeCon 2018 Bits This week KubeCon took place in Seattle, offering over 8,000 attendees (2,000 on the waiting list didn’t make it) an updated vision on Kubernetes as well as the projects under development and consideration. Thus far three projects have graduated (Kubernetes, Prometheus and Envoy) a dozen or so are incubating and many more are hopeful within the Sandbox. Over 125 event sponsors wanted to be sure the attendees understood their view and involvement in these projects, most of them going way beyond simply offering Kubernetes distributions. Security was a hot topic as well as management and deployment of these projects. The co-founder of $725 million cloud startup Mesosphere is stepping aside as CEO to make way for a Symantec veteran Earlier this year, cloud startup Mesosphere raised $125 million, bringing its total funding to just shy of $250 million. That deal valued Mesosphere at $725 million, according to Bloomberg, up from $600 million in 2016. Now, Mesosphere co-founder Florian Leibert is following through on his previously-announced intention to step aside as CEO, to take a new role focused on strategy and working with customers. Replacing him will be Mike Fey, most recently president and COO of Symantec, in a move that the company says will help it achieve the next stage of growth by going after larger customers. Kubernetes vendors target container security, operations and management If you were kicking the tires on Kubernetes and other cloud/container services, you found may have found nirvana at this week’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2018 where all manner of new operational software and support from VMware, Arista and others were on display. To access the growing popularity of cloud, Kubernetes and containers, the Cloud Foundry Foundation released the results of a new survey that found among other things that 45 percent of companies are doing at least some cloud-native app development, and 40 percent are doing some re-architecting/refactoring of their legacy apps. Istio service mesh tradeoffs prompt caution among IT pros Some Kubernetes proponents said they believe Istio service mesh is as important to cloud-native infrastructure as container orchestration, but most enterprise IT shops aren't ready to dive in just yet. Service mesh, a term coined by the makers of Linkerd in 2016, refers to a microservices networking architecture that consists of a centralized control plane and a pool of sidecar containers deployed in each container cluster pod. The sidecars' proximity to microservices workloads creates detailed visibility into application performance and intricate segmentation of networks for container security. Istio is also backed by IBM and Google, and therefore has the attention of the Kubernetes community, especially since the project reached version 1.0 in July 2018. Google and IBM subsidiary Red Hat promoted Istio management products and services at KubeCon here this week, while the project generated buzz in the halls among conference attendees. In the right hands, service mesh can be a vital tool for microservices management, but it comes with daunting complexity for IT pros already challenged to learn container orchestration. ​What is the Kubernetes hybrid cloud and why it matters Over 8,000 people are at KubeCon in Seattle. Every major tech company and businesses I've never even heard of are here and trumpeting their Kubenetes distros -- about 80 of them. IBM recently bought Red Hat for a cool $34-billion. I, and others, think they did it to get Red Hat's Kubernetes expertise. Why? To answer this question we need to look into the hybrid-cloud model. read more

Uber brings Horovod project for distributed deep learning to Linux Foundation

2018-12-15 09:40:00

Uber today brought Horovod, a framework for distributed training across multiple machines, to open source initiative LF Deep Learning Foundation. Uber has used Horovod to support self-driving vehicles, fraud detection, and trip forecasting. Contributors to the project include Amazon, IBM, Intel, and Nvidia. In addition to Uber, Alibaba, Amazon, and Nvidia also use Horovod. The Horovod project can be used with popular frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch. Also: LF Deep Learning Welcomes Horovod Distributed Training Framework as Newest Project read more

Programming: Wayland in Qt 5.12, Red Hat, Python and More

2018-12-15 09:35:06

What’s new with the Wayland platform plugin in Qt 5.12? Wayland is a display server protocol used on modern Linux systems, the Qt Wayland platform plugin lets Qt applications run on Wayland display servers (compositors). Continuing the trend from the Qt 5.11 release, the Qt 5.12 release contains a substantial amount of improvements. Building Red Hat Mobile Applications on your own hardware Before getting started, it’s important to be aware of the versions of the tools, frameworks, and SDKs that the Build Farm uses to build mobile applications. This information can be found on the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform Supported Configurations page. This guide will call out the specific versions in each section and also note where you need to confirm versions for your specific project and/or requirements. Tips for using Flood Element for performance testing In case you missed it, there’s a new performance test tool on the block: Flood Element. It’s a scalable, browser-based tool that allows you to write scripts in JavaScript that interact with web pages like a real user would. Browser Level Users is a newer approach to load testing that overcomes many of the common challenges we hear about traditional methods of testing. Integration of external application details (Part 3) In Part 2 of this series, we took a high-level view of the common architectural elements that determine how your integration becomes the key to transforming your customer experience. I laid out how I’ve approached the use case and how I’ve used successful customer portfolio solutions as the basis for researching a generic architectural blueprint. The only thing left to cover was the order in which you’ll be led through the blueprint details. This article takes you deeper to cover details pertaining to the specific elements (mobile and web application deployments) of the generic architectural overview. How To Do Just About Anything With Python Lists The tools of libfprint libfprint, the fingerprint reader driver library, is nearing a 1.0 release. Since the last time I reported on the status of the library, we've made some headway modernising the library, using a variety of different tools. Let's go through them and how they were used. libchirp or Software is infinite Introduction to Web Scraping with Python Python Data Visualization 2018: Where Do We Go From Here? Django Tutorial Adventure Part 2 read more

Protecting the world's oceans with open data science

2018-12-15 09:31:33

For environmental scientists, researching a single ecosystem or organism can be a daunting task. The amount of data and literature to comb through (or create) is often overwhelming.So how, then, can environmental scientists approach studying the health of the world’s oceans? What ocean health means is a big question in itself—oceans span millions of square miles, are home to countless species, and border hundreds of countries and territories, each of which has its own unique marine policies and more

Head to the arcade in your Linux terminal with this Pac-Man clone

2018-12-15 08:00:00

Welcome back to another day of the Linux command-line toys advent calendar. If this is your first visit to the series, you might be asking yourself what command-line toys are all about. Basically, they're games and simple diversions that help you have fun at the terminal. Some are new, and some are old classics. We hope you enjoy. read more

We need Sustainable Free and Open Source Communities

2018-12-15 07:38:59

The short version: we should stop focusing on how to protect the revenue models of open source companies, and instead focus on how to create sustainable communities. Both because it leads to better software, but also because it’s better for business. Today I’m launching the Sustainable Free and Open Source Communities (SFOSC) project. It’s a place to discuss what the principles are that lead to sustainable communities, to develop clear social contracts communities can use, and educate Open Source companies on which business models can create true communities. I also wrote a short book on why I think this is important, and the research that went in to the development of the principles themselves. read more

Distribution Release: SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP4

2018-12-15 07:28:06

Raj Meel has announced the availability of the fourth service pack for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, the current legacy branch of the company's commercial, enterprise-class distribution with long-term support of over 10 years: "SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 4 is now generally available. Service Pack 4 marks....

Managing Servers: Appaserver and Cockpit

2018-12-15 06:41:15

FOSS Project Spotlight: Appaserver Assume you are tasked to write a browser-based, MySQL user interface for the table called CITY. CITY has two columns. The column names are city_name and state_code—each combined are the primary key. Cockpit 184 Cockpit is the modern Linux admin interface. We release regularly. Here are the release notes from version 184. Video: Using Cockpit for KVM Virtual Machine Management Cockpit has been in development for a few years now and it appears it is going to be default in the upcoming RHEL8 release. I've recently started using it for managing and accessing KVM virtual machines via the cockpit-machines package. I made a short screencast showing the basics. read more

GDB Picks Up Support For OpenRISC Linux Debugging

2018-12-15 06:35:28

The GNU Debugger (GDB) now has support for OpenRISC Linux debugging...

Audiocasts: Linux in the Ham Shack, Ubuntu Podcast, Full Circle Weekly News and Python

2018-12-15 06:23:30

LHS Episode #263: Better Than Brexit Welcome to Episode 263 of Linux in the Ham Shack. In this episode, the hosts touch on a wide range of amateur radio and computing topics including net neutrality, satellite launches, CWops Awards, AI6TK, alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud in the open-source world and much more. Thank you for being a listener of our show! Ubuntu Podcast S11E40 – North Dallas Forty This week we’ve been playing on the Nintendo Switch. We review our tech highlights from 2018 and go over our 2018 predictions, just to see how wrong we really were. We also have some Webby love and go over your feedback. Full Circle Weekly News #116 Full Circle Weekly News #117 Testing REST APIs with Docker containers and pytest Let's say you've got a web application you need to test. It has a REST API that you want to use for testing. Can you use Python for this testing even if the application is written in some other language? Of course. Can you use pytest? duh. yes. what else? What if you want to spin up docker instances, get your app running in that, and run your tests against that environment? How would you use pytest to do that? Well, there, I'm not exactly sure. But I know someone who does. read more

GNOME Development Leftovers

2018-12-15 06:19:04

Nightly GNOME Apps and New Adwaita GTK Theme Run Through In this video, we are quickly looking at Nightly GNOME Apps and a sneak peek at New Adwaita GTK Theme. Emmanuele Bassi: And I’m home Of course I couldn’t stay home playing video games, recording podcasts, and building gunplas forever, and so I had to figure out where to go to work next, as I do enjoy being able to have a roof above my head, as well as buying food and stuff. By a crazy random happenstance, the GNOME Foundation announced that, thanks to a generous anonymous donation, it would start hiring staff, and that one of the open positions was for a GTK developer. I decided to apply, as, let’s be honest, it’s basically the dream job for me. I’ve been contributing to GNOME components for about 15 years, and to GTK for 12; and while I’ve been paid to contribute to some GNOME-related projects over the years, it was always as part of non-GNOME related work. The hiring process was really thorough, but in the end I managed to land the most amazing job I could possibly hope for. Opera Launches Built-in Cryptocurrency Wallet for Android, ManagedKube Partners with Google Cloud to Provide a Monitoring App for Kubernetes Cluster Costs, QEMU 3.1 Released, IoT DevCon Call for Presentations and GNOME 3.31.3 Is Out GNOME 3.31.3 is out, and this will be the last snapshot of 2018. Note that this is development code meant for testing and hacking purposes. For a list of changes, go here, and the source packages are here. Firmware Attestation When fwupd writes firmware to devices, it often writes it, then does a verify pass. This is to read back the firmware to check that it was written correctly. For some devices we can do one better, and read the firmware hash and compare it against a previously cached value, or match it against the version published by the LVFS. This means we can detect some unintentional corruption or malicious firmware running on devices, on the assumption that the bad firmware isn’t just faking the requested checksum. Still, better than nothing. Any processor better than the most basic PIC or Arduino (e.g. even a tiny $5 ARM core) is capable of doing public/private key firmware signing. This would use standard crypto using X.509 keys or GPG to ensure the device only runs signed firmware. This protects against both accidental bitflips and also naughty behaviour, and is unofficial industry recommended practice for firmware updates. Older generations of the Logitech Unifying hardware were unsigned, and this made the MouseJack hack almost trivial to deploy on an unmodified dongle. Newer Unifying hardware requires a firmware image signed by Logitech, which makes deploying unofficial or modified firmware almost impossible. Robert Ancell: Interesting things about the GIF image format GIFs in GNOME About ncurses Colors These colors go back to CGA, IBM's Color/Graphics Adapter from the earlier PC-compatible computers. This was a step up from the plain monochrome displays; as the name implies, monochrome could display only black or white. CGA could display a limited range of colors. CGA supports mixing red (R), green (G) and blue ( colors. In its simplest form, RGB is either "on" or "off". In this case, you can mix the RGB colors in 2x2x2=8 ways. Table 1 shows the binary and decimal representations of RGB. read more

Mozilla: Rust and WebAssembly, WebRender, MDN Changelog for November 2018, Things Gateway and Firefox 65 Beta 6 Testday

2018-12-15 06:16:14

Rust and WebAssembly in 2019 Compiling Rust to WebAssembly should be the best choice for fast, reliable code for the Web. Additionally, the same way that Rust integrates with C calling conventions and libraries on native targets, Rust should also integrate with JavaScript and HTML5 on the Web. These are the Rust and WebAssembly domain working group’s core values. In 2018, we made it possible to surgically replace performance-sensitive JavaScript with Rust-generated WebAssembly. rust for cortex-m7 baremetal WebRender newsletter #33 Yes indeed. In order for picture caching to work across displaylists we must be able to detect what did not change after a new displaylist arrives. The interning mechanism introduced by Glenn in #3075 gives us this ability in addition to other goodies such as de-duplication of interned resources and less CPU-GPU data transfer. MDN Changelog for November 2018 Potato London started work on this shortly after one-time payments launched. We kicked it off with a design meeting where we determined the features that could be delivered in 4 weeks. Potato and MDN worked closely to remove blockers, review code (in over 25 pull requests), and get it into the staging environment for testing. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we launched a high-quality feature on schedule. We’ve learned a lot from these payment experiments, and we’ll continue to find ways to maintain MDN’s growth in 2019. K Lars Lohn: Things Gateway - a Virtual Weather Station Today, I'm going to talk about creating a Virtual Weather Station using the Things Gateway from Mozilla and a developer account from Weather Underground. The two combined enable home automation control from weather events like temperature, wind, and precipitation. Taskgraph Like a Pro Have you ever needed to inspect the taskgraph locally? Did you have a bad time? Learn how to inspect the taskgraph like a PRO. For the impatient skip to the installation instructions below. Firefox 65 Beta 6 Testday, December 21th We are happy to let you know that Friday, December 21th, we are organizing Firefox 65 Beta 6 Testday. We’ll be focusing our testing on: and changes and UpdateDirectory. Check out the detailed instructions via this etherpad. read more

Fedora Developers Are Trying To Figure Out The Best Linux I/O Scheduler, Fedora 29 Review and Fedora Program Management

2018-12-15 06:13:05

Fedora Developers Are Trying To Figure Out The Best Linux I/O Scheduler Fedora developers are working on trying to figure out the best default behavior moving forward for their I/O scheduler selection. With the multi-queue I/O queuing mechanism (BLK-MQ) stabilizing and ready to be the default with the legacy I/O code potentially being removed in a coming kernel release, Fedora developers and users are trying to figure out what is the best I/O scheduler to use as the default for their distribution. Fedora 29 Impressions, Installation Process, and Overview Fedora Community Blog: FPgM report: 2018-50 read more

Critical SQLite Flaw Leaves Millions of Apps Vulnerable to Hackers

2018-12-15 06:05:10

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability in widely used SQLite database software that exposes billions of deployments to hackers. Dubbed as 'Magellan' by Tencent's Blade security team, the newly discovered SQLite flaw could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary or malicious code on affected devices, leak program memory or crash applications. SQLite is a

ARM's Work in Linux (Kernel)

2018-12-15 05:58:27

Energy Model Management Framework Queued For Linux 4.21 A new framework queued for introduction with the Linux 4.21 kernel is the ARM-developed Energy Model Management Framework. With different hardware and drivers exposing the processor/system energy consumption in different manners, the Energy Model Management Framework tries to provide a standardized way of accessing the power values for each performance domain in a system. This can help kernel drivers/schedulers and other code that could make smarter decisions based upon current energy use be able to do so via this standardized framework for acquiring the power information on capable systems. ARM's AArch64 Adding Pointer Authentication Support To The Linux 4.21 Kernel The 64-bit ARM architecture code (a.k.a ARM64 / AArch64) with the Linux 4.21 kernel is seeing pointer authentication added as a new security feature. Pointer authentication can be supported by ARMv8.3 hardware and newer to allow for signing and authenticating of pointers against secret keys. The purpose of this pointer authentication is to mitigate ROP attacks and other potential buffer-overrun-style attacks. This ARM64_PTR_AUTH functionality will enable pointer authentication for all user-space processes and the presence of supported hardware is determined at run-time. ARM developers have been working on the plumbing for this Linux kernel support for it the past year. read more

The OSD and user freedom

2018-12-15 05:50:19

The relationship between open source and free software is fraught with people arguing about meanings and value. In spite of all the things we’ve built up around open source and free software, they reduce down to both being about software freedom. Open source is about software freedom. It has been the case since “open source” was created. In 1986 the Four Freedoms of Free Software (4Fs) were written. In 1998 Netscape set its source code free. Later that year a group of people got together and Christine Peterson suggested that, to avoid ambiguity, there was a “need for a better name” than free software. She suggested open source after open source intelligence. The name stuck and 20 years later we argue about whether software freedom matters to open source, because too many global users of the term have forgotten (or never knew) that some people just wanted another way to say software that ensures the 4Fs. Once there was a term, the term needed a formal definition: how to we describe what open source is? That’s where the Open Source Definition (OSD) comes in. The OSD is a set of ten points that describe what an open source license looks like. The OSD came from the Debian Free Software Guidelines. The DFSG themselves were created to “determine if a work is free” and ought to be considered a way of describing the 4Fs. read more

Khronos Seeking Feedback On KTX2 Specification For Storing Textures For OpenGL/Vulkan

2018-12-15 05:44:22

The Khronos Group is looking for feedback on its KTX2 specification that is used for storing textures for OpenGL (including GLES) and Vulkan while being a simple format and an extension of the original KTX with improvements for Vulkan and other graphics APIs...

10 Best Native Linux Games

2018-12-15 05:42:49

Whether you want something free to play or you're looking for invest in a long term favorite, there are plenty of amazing options on Linux. Many of Linux's best titles are actually the best in their genre. This is especially true with some eSports games. Plenty of big names from other platforms have been ported over to Linux recently too, allowing for a ton of choice. That said, these games stand out above the rest.

SUSE: South Africa, SAP and SUSE YES Certification

2018-12-15 05:36:13

First year of SUSE Graduate Program saw their students graduate in South Africa Yesterday at an event held at Bryanston Country Club the SUSE graduate programme saw their 2018 students graduate. I am very proud and happy that the first year of the programme has seen tremendous success with a 90% pass rate, with 50% of graduates already being employed and commitment to place the remaining graduates by early 2019. SAP HANA Cost-optimized – An alternative Route is available Sometimes the direct way could end up in dead end. In such cases an alternative route is needed to come to the desired destination. What does that mean for my SAP HANA cost optimized scenario? Where is the possible dead end? In some installations we have seen that the SAPDatabase resource agent using the SAPHOSTAGENT framework could be lead into configuration problems according to database users, database permissions and user secure store keys. But we have an alternative to control SAP HANA much more easy and independent from such database related objects. It’s the well known SAPInstance resource agent. It could be used for SAP HANA Scale-Up systems, which could completely be started and stopped with HDB start and HDB stop. Internally HDB uses sapcontrol to start and stop the database and that is exactly what SAPInstance is doing for application servers. SUSE YES Certification for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP4 now available With the official release of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP4, the SUSE Partner Engineering team also announces the availability of the YES Certification Kit version 8.2 for system certification. This new System Certification Kit (SCK) adds support for SLE 12 SP4 including XEN and KVM Virtualization. read more

Events: All Things Open, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, State of Enterprise Open Source in 2018

2018-12-15 04:55:08

All Things Open 2018 – How To Jump Start a Career in Open Source (video) Last October I was in Raleigh, North Carolina speaking at All Things Open. I gave a lightning talk on how to jump start a career in open source, in just 6 minutes. The topic is near and dear to my heart, so as a lightning talk it was fun to promote the full session I gave earlier this Summer in one of the most amazing venues I’ve ever spoken at. The talk includes links to the recording of that venue and the complete story I told. After the talk I posted the slides, but we’ve been waiting on the video recording of the session and it’s arrived! Seven Remarkable Takeaways From Massive Kubernetes Conference The 8,000 attendees attending the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s(CNCF) KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Kubernetes conference this week in Seattle demonstrated the exponential growth in interest in this complex, technical combination of open source technologies. I attend many technology conferences, most recently a blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of things conference (see my article from that event). Compared to blockchain in particular as well as AI, my first KubeCon takeaway is that Kubernetes actually works. ... For my seventh takeaway, I saved the most remarkable for last: women are leading the Kubernetes charge. Yes, you read that right. While the audience at KubeCon was perhaps 90% male, the keynote speakers were more than half female. The State of Enterprise Open Source in 2018 It would have been difficult to predict the magnitude of open source’s role in today’s platforms and the explosion of choice on offer in today’s computing world thanks to its massive adoption. On the industry side, IBM’s purchase of Linux giant Red Hat this year for an astounding $34 billion has come as an even bigger surprise. The state of open source in 2018, and especially, the IBM’s Red Hat purchase, were discussed in this podcast with Rachel Stephens, an analyst with of RedMonk, and Michael Coté, director, marketing, at Pivotal Software, hosted by Libby Clark, editorial director, and Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief, of The New Stack. read more

Devices/Embedded: Omega2 Pro, Power of Zephyr RTOS, ELC Europe

2018-12-15 04:44:07

Open source Omega2 module gives way to a “Pro” SBC Onion’s “Omega2 Pro” update to its WiFi-enabled Omega2 board boosts RAM to 512MB and flash to 8GB and adds real-world USB and micro-USB ports. The Pro model runs OpenWrt on a 580MHz MIPS SoC. Boston-based Onion launched its IoT-oriented Omega computer-on-module on Kickstarter in early 2015 and returned the next year with an Omega2 model that switched the 400MHz Atheros AR9331 with a similarly MIPS-based, OpenWrt-driven 580MHz MediaTek MT7688 SoC that supported additional I/O. The open source module was also available in an Omega2 Plus model that added a microSD slot and doubled RAM and flash to 128MB and 32MB, respectively. The Power of Zephyr RTOS The Zephyr Project is a scalable real-time operating system (RTOS) supporting multiple hardware architectures; it’s optimized for resource-constrained devices and built specifically with security in mind. To learn more, we talked with Thea Aldrich, Zephyr Project Evangelist and Developer Advocate, about the goals and growth of the project. The first question that comes to mind is what’s the need for Zephyr when the Linux kernel already exists? Aldrich explained that Zephyr is great in those cases where Linux is too big. “It’s a really small footprint, real-time operating system built with security and safety in mind for highly constrained environments,” she said. A crash course in embedded Linux software deployment At ELC Europe,’s Mirza Krak surveyed popular techniques for deploying embedded Linux software, including cross-dev strategies, IDEs, Yocto-OE package management, config utilities, network boot, and updating software. While many Embedded Linux Conference talks cover emerging technologies, some of the most useful are those that survey the embedded development tools and techniques that are already available. These summaries are not only useful for newcomers but can be a helpful reality check and a source for best practices for more experienced developers. read more

Qt 3D Studio 2.2 Released

2018-12-15 04:24:48

We are happy to announce that Qt 3D Studio 2.2 has been released. Qt 3D Studio is a design tool for creating 3D user interfaces and adding 3D content into Qt based applications. With Qt 3D Studio you can easily define the 3D content look & feel, animations and user interface states. Please refer to earlier blog posts and documentation for more details on Qt 3D Studio. Also: Qt 3D Studio 2.2 Released With New Material System, Stereoscopic Rendering Preview read more

AMD Linux News

2018-12-15 03:56:33

AMD Squeezes In Some Final AMDGPU Changes To DRM-Next For Linux 4.21 Complementing all of the AMDGPU feature work already staged for the upcoming Linux 4.21 kernel, another (small) batch of material was sent out on Wednesday. This latest AMDGPU material for Linux 4.21 includes PowerPlay updates for newer Polaris parts, a cursor plane update fast path, enabling GPU reset by default for Sea Islands (GCN 1.1) graphics cards, and various fixes. AMD Adding STIBP "Always-On Preferred Mode" To Linux Initially during the Linux 4.20 kernel merge window with the STIBP addition for cross-hyperthread Spectre V2 mitigation it was turned on by default for all processes. But that turned out to have a sizable performance hit so the behavior was changed to only turn it on for processes under SECCOMP or when requested via the PRCTL interface. However, AMD is landing a patch that for select CPUs will have an always-on mode as evidently that's preferred for some AMD processors. Radeon Software for Linux 18.50 Released - Just One Listed Change The Radeon Software for Linux 18.50 driver release (a.k.a. "AMDGPU-PRO" 18.50) is now officially available We were expecting the 18.50 driver update following Thursday's Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition driver for Windows having debuted. The 18.50 driver release has since been made available via the AMD web-site. Radeon ROCm 1.9.1 vs. NVIDIA OpenCL Linux Plus RTX 2080 TensorFlow Benchmarks Following the GeForce RTX 2080 Linux gaming benchmarks last week with now having that non-Ti variant, I carried out some fresh GPU compute benchmarks of the higher-end NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards. Here's a look at the OpenCL performance between the competing vendors plus some fresh CUDA benchmarks as well as NVIDIA GPU Cloud TensorFlow Docker benchmarks. Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Rolls Out While Linux Users Should Have AMDGPU-PRO 18.50 AMD today released their Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition geared for Windows gamers while Linux users should have AMDGPU-PRO 18.50 available shortly for those wanting to use this hybrid Vulkan/OpenGL driver component that does also feature the AMDGPU-Open components too in their stable but dated composition. The 2019 Adrenalin Edition for Windows brings performance improvements for select Windows titles, new advisors to help configure games and settings, improved fan control, WattMan improvements, game streaming improvements, and more. read more

Fedora 29: firefox Security Update

2018-12-15 03:20:00 - Updated to a new upstream version - Firefox 64.0

FreeBSD 12 released: Here is how to upgrade FreeBSD 11 to 12.

2018-12-15 03:00:00

Nixcraft: The 12th version of the FreeBSD has been released, bringing updated software hardware support.

How to Install Magento 2 on Ubuntu 18.04

2018-12-15 01:54:05

Magento is leading enterprise-class e-commerce platform built on open source technology combining powerful features with flexibility and user friendly interface. In this tutorial we will show you how to install Magento 2.3 on an Ubuntu 18.04 machine. We’ll be using Nginx as a web server, the latest PHP 7.2 and MySQL/MariaDB as a database server.

openSUSE: 2018:4133-1: important: the Linux Kernel

2018-12-15 00:15:00 An update that solves one vulnerability and has 112 fixes is now available.

openSUSE: 2018:4132-1: important: the Linux Kernel

2018-12-15 00:08:00 An update that contains security fixes can now be installed.

How Epic Games Uses Kubernetes to Power Fortnite Application Servers

2018-12-14 23:00:00

ServerWatch: Fortnite might not have a Linux desktop client, but it's all about Linux and Kubernetes at the backend.

Open source Omega2 module gives way to a “Pro” SBC

2018-12-14 22:30:43

Onion’s “Omega2 Pro” update to its WiFi-enabled Omega2 board boosts RAM to 512MB and flash to 8GB and adds real-world USB and micro-USB ports. The Pro model runs OpenWrt on a 580MHz MIPS SoC. Boston-based Onion launched its IoT-oriented Omega computer-on-module on Kickstarter in early 2015 and returned the next year with an Omega2 model […]

How to Set Up an Nginx Ingress with Cert-Manager on DigitalOcean Kubernetes

2018-12-14 22:29:15

Discord announce a 90/10 revenue split, Discord Store will support Linux

2018-12-14 22:20:29

Tags: MiscYou will be forgiven for not paying much attention to the Discord Store, since it doesn't currently support Linux. It seems that is going to change and they've announce a pretty small cut compared to the competition. Firstly, today the Discord team announced in a new blog post that starting in 2019 they will only take a 10% cut from developers. Considering Valve still take 30% unless you earn a lot of money and even the Epic Store will take 12% that might help quite a bit. Not only that, Discord do have a pretty large pull considering they're already the go-to application for a lot of people to chat, even game developers and publishers have moved over in large numbers to have their community on Discord. I wouldn't underestimate them if they keep pushing it. Sadly though, the Discord Store currently only supports Windows but that will change. According to one of their team on Reddit, who said this: Good news! Everything we built for the store actually works great on macOS and Linux. A lot of our devs use those platforms internally. We just wanted to focus on releasing Windows first to make sure everything works, and to be honest thats where most of our users are. We will definitely bring things to all platforms! Usually, when replying to questions about other platforms you get some kind of vague response but that's pretty darn clear. As always though, we will believe it when we see it. Words are nice, actions are better. We will be keeping an eye on it though for sure. Considering their chat client already works rather nicely on Linux, the Discord Store could be one to watch as well. While they don't technically do fully exclusive games, they do have timed exclusives and so eventually we may get in on the action for those too. Ps. Use Discord? Come join our very own server. Hat tip to Jens.

Debian LTS: DLA-1562-3: poppler regression update

2018-12-14 22:03:00 A second regression issue has been resolved in the poppler PDF rendering shared library this time introduced with version 0.26.5-2+deb8u6 (see DLA 1562-2).

Email Bomb Threats Follow Sextortion Playbook

2018-12-14 22:00:00

Yesterday's wave of email bomb threats appear to be an evolution of tactics by the same groups that earlier tried "sextortion" and personal threats, Talos researchers say.

How to Write Your First Node.js App in Linux

2018-12-14 21:00:00

JavaScript is the current trending programming language out there; it is, without doubt, the most popular technology used by full stack developers.

Iranian Hackers Target Nuclear Experts, US Officials

2018-12-14 20:30:00

Hackers ramp up efforts to infiltrate email accounts of Americans responsible for enforcing severe economic sanctions on Iran.

How to install PHP 7.2 on Ubuntu 18.04

2018-12-14 20:10:59

PHP is one of the most popular programming language currently in the world. PHP has different versions 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2. Currently, PHP 7.2 is the latest version of PHP which supports different frameworks like WordPress, Laravel, Code-Igniter etc. Ubuntu 18.04 ships with default PHP 7.2 support, We can easily install PHP 7.2 on Ubuntu 18.4. Ubuntu 18.04 is the current latest version of Ubuntu. This tutorial outlines how to install PHP 7.2 on Ubuntu 18.04.

How to Install Lighttpd with PHP, PHP-FPM and MariaDB on CentOS 7

2018-12-14 20:00:00

Lighttpd is an open source, secure, fast, flexible and more optimized web server designed for speed-critical environments with less memory utilization as compared to other web servers

FreeBSD ZFS vs. Linux EXT4/Btrfs RAID With Twenty SSDs

2018-12-14 19:48:03

With FreeBSD 12.0 running great on the Dell PowerEdge R7425 server with dual AMD EPYC 7601 processors, I couldn't resist using the twenty Samsung SSDs in that 2U server for running some fresh FreeBSD ZFS RAID benchmarks as well as some reference figures from Ubuntu Linux with the native Btrfs RAID capabilities and then using EXT4 atop MD-RAID.

Facebook says bug may have exposed photos on 7M users

2018-12-14 19:36:24

Facebook said Friday that a software bug affecting nearly 7 million users may have exposed a broader set of photos to app developers than what those users intended.

Bug may have exposed photos from 7M Facebook users

2018-12-14 19:36:24

Facebook's privacy controls have broken down yet again, this time through a software flaw affecting nearly 7 million users who had photos exposed to a much wider audience than intended.

How to check RAID configuration in Linux

2018-12-14 19:23:22

Slimbook & Kubuntu - Combat Report 3

2018-12-14 19:09:14

And we're done. I am not sure what kind of message you're getting - or you think you're supposed to be getting from my articles. Overall, I am quite pleased with my Slimbook & Kubuntu experience. But if I had to choose, I wouldn't abandon my Windows. I simply cannot. The games, the office stuff, even simple image manipulation and text editing. All these are currently not the killer features of any which Linux desktop. That said, Kubuntu purrs nicely. Runs fast and true, and there are no crashes or errors. The desktop is extremely flexible and extensible, it's pleasing to use, and I'm having fun discovering things, even if they sometimes turn out to be bugs or annoyances. In general, it's the application side that needs to be refined, and then, the system can just become a background for you to be productive and enjoy yourselves. Until the next report. read more

Games: Metropolisim, Monster Prom, Kingdom Two Crowns and Lots More

2018-12-14 19:06:38

Metropolisim aims to be the deepest city-building simulation experience ever, will have Linux support Metropolisim from developer Halfway Decent Games is releasing next year, with a pretty bold aim to be the deepest city-building simulation experience ever. Monster Prom, the dating sim that won me over is now available on GOG Visual novels and dating sims aren't something I'm usually into, however Monster Prom is actually funny and worth playing and it's now available on GOG. I know we have a number of GOG fans here, so hopefully this will be interesting for you. As always, we try to treat all stores equally with release info. Kingdom Two Crowns will be coming to Linux after all with the Quality of Life update Kingdom Two Crowns, the third in the Kingdom series released recently for Windows and Mac. It looked like we weren't getting it, but it's now confirmed to be coming. In their new roadmap post on Reddit and Steam, under the "QoL #01 Update" (Quality of Life Update) they noted that they will add "Add SteamOS (Linux) Support". This update is due out sometime early next year. This is really nice news, it's good to know they didn't give up on supporting Linux after all. Steam Link for the Raspberry Pi is now officially available After a rather short beta period, the Steam Link application for the Raspberry Pi is now officially out. Valve in it for the 'long haul' with Artifact, first update out and a progression system due soon Artifact, the big new card game from Valve isn't doing so well but Valve won't be giving up any time soon. The first major update is out, with a progression system due soon. At release, it had around sixty thousand people playing and that very quickly dropped down hard. Harder than I expected, a lot worse than Valve probably thought it would too. Bearded Giant Games open their own store with a 'Linux First Initiative' Bearded Giant Games, developer of Ebony Spire Heresy have announced their new online store along with a 'Linux First Initiative'. I know what you're thinking already "not another store", but fear not. For now, it's mainly going to be a place for them to sell their games directly. Speaking about it in a blog post, they mentioned how they hate having to check over multiple forums, channels, emails and so on to stay up to date and they wish "to spend more time giving love to my projects instead of updating 4 different distribution channels, translating pages, writing different press releases and making separate builds"—can't argue against that. The Forgotten Sanctum, the final DLC for Pillars of Eternity II is out along with a patch Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire expansions come to a close with the release of The Forgotten Sanctum along with a major update now out. Pre-order Meeple Station for instant beta access, what the developers say is like Rimworld in space Meeple Station, the space station building sim that the developers say is like Rimworld in space can now be pre-ordered with instant beta access. While we don't like the idea of pre-orders, getting access to the beta right away is a decent way to do it. Sadly, their Kickstarter campaign actually failed which I didn't notice. Making sure that wasn't the end of it, the developer Vox Games decided to go the Early Access route. They weren't left out in the cold of space though, as they also recently announced that Indie DB will be publishing their game. Under the label of Modularity, this will be the first title published by Indie DB. Heroes of Newerth drops support for Linux and Mac Heroes of Newerth, the MOBA originally from S2 Games which is now handled by Frostburn Studios has dropped Linux and Mac support. [...] I'll be honest here, I couldn't care less about it personally. The last time i tried it, it was the single most toxic experience I've ever had in an online game. I've played a lot of online games and even so it was still at a level I had not seen before. I tried to go back to it a few times, never with a happy ending. Still, sad for any remaining Linux (and Mac) fans of the game. Looking over some statistics, it's not popular with viewers either. Around 180 on Twitch compared with nearly 100K for League of Legends and over 50K for Dota 2. Unity 2018.3 With HDR Render Pipeline Preview, Updated PhysX & More Unity Tech is ending out the year with their Unity 2018.3 game engine update that brings a number of new features and improvements to its many supported platforms. read more

Wine 4.0 Release Candidate 2

2018-12-14 19:02:08

Wine Announcement The Wine development release 4.0-rc2 is now available. What's new in this release (see below for details): - Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze. Just when you think you can stop drinking, Wine 4.0 has another release candidate available Just before the weekend hits you in the face like a bad hangover when you realise it's Monday already, there's another bottle of Wine ready for you. Of course, we're not talking about the tasty liquid! Put down the glass, it's the other kind of Wine. The one used to run your fancy Windows programs and games on Linux. Doing their usual thing, developer Alexandre Julliard announced that the Wine 4.0 Release Candidate 2 is officially out the door today. While this release is nothing spectacular it is an important one, the more bugs they're able to tick off the list the better the 4.0 release will be for more people to use it. read more

Parenting In Tech: #FamilyMatters Intro

2018-12-14 19:00:21

Hello everyone! The post Parenting In Tech: #FamilyMatters Intro appeared first on Linux Academy Blog.

Naughty or Nice Websites

2018-12-14 18:49:26

Santa Claus is coming! Was your website naughty or nice this year? Here is a quick checklist of the top 10 bad things that can harm your website security and the top 10 good things that can improve your website security. Naughty Websites List If your website falls into any of these categories, this is the perfect time of year to start thinking about improving your security posture. 1 – My website has outdated software. Continue reading Naughty or Nice Websites at Sucuri Blog.

How To Mount USB Drive In Linux

2018-12-14 18:48:57

Mounting a USB drive is easy these days on most Linux distros. But you may encounter some weird quirky distros that demand your terminal knowledge for mounting a USB drive successfully without it doing the work for you.For instance, if you've tried installing a Linux server or Slackware for general purpose use or tried Linux From Scratch (LFS), they mostly come in terminal mode before you get on with the GUI stuff. This article will guide you on how to mount a USB drive in case you ever encounte [...]

Just when you think you can stop drinking, Wine 4.0 has another release candidate available

2018-12-14 18:38:34

Tags: WineJust before the weekend hits you in the face like a bad hangover when you realise it's Monday already, there's another bottle of Wine ready for you. Of course, we're not talking about the tasty liquid! Put down the glass, it's the other kind of Wine. The one used to run your fancy Windows programs and games on Linux. Doing their usual thing, developer Alexandre Julliard announced that the Wine 4.0 Release Candidate 2 is officially out the door today. While this release is nothing spectacular it is an important one, the more bugs they're able to tick off the list the better the 4.0 release will be for more people to use it. With that said, there's no new features and only 11 bugs noted as sorted for this release candidate:   19184  File copying fails during installation of Mordor   23282  SpeQ: Wrong coded linefeed   25734  Magic: The Gathering Battlegrounds trial hangs upon startup   36430  valgrind shows a possible leak in shell32/tests/autocomplete.c   39736  Prototype 2 crashes   41992  total commander, copy dialog - Esc key not working   43178  Prototype regression   43676  Hitman(TM) requires session_set_option - option 84   44229  Visual C++ 1.51 can't add files to project (GetOpenFileName16() doesn't support custom templates or hooks)   46231  Button tests for ideal size fail on Arabic locale on Windows   46270  ReactOS explorer.exe can't delete objects (use-after free caused by incorrect free in STGMEDIUM_Release()) See the official release announcement here. 

openSUSE: 2018:4125-1: moderate: phpMyAdmin

2018-12-14 18:10:00 An update that fixes three vulnerabilities is now available.

openSUSE: 2018:4124-1: moderate: phpMyAdmin

2018-12-14 18:10:00 An update that fixes three vulnerabilities is now available.

openSUSE: 2018:4122-1: important: Chromium

2018-12-14 18:09:00 An update that fixes one vulnerability is now available.